AGM Unveils New Geologic Scenario Manager Module, RECON Petrel Plug-In

Austin GeoModeling (AGM) released its latest 3D Geological Interpretation software, RECON® , including the new Geologic Scenario Manager, an interpretation version control utility. RECON Geologic Scenario Manager revolutionizes the geological interpretation workflow by empowering geologists to run and assess multiple interpretation scenarios on the fly. In addition, the new RECON Petrel® Plug-in enables fast and efficient data sharing providing an integrated environment for exceptional collaboration. With the power and speed of RECON's automated Cascade Technology® that delivers instant re-calculation and visualization of structure and attributes when new data is added or edited it is incorporated seamlessly into their Petrel geocellular modeling workflow, benefits of increased productivity and accuracy will be realized.

"Current mapping and correlation technologies are labor and time intensive typically constraining geologists to deliver a single best case interpretation," said Robin Dommisse, CEO of AGM, "The automation of the tedious re-mapping and model building and multiple version capture in RECON and RECON Geologic Scenario Manager empowers geologists to rapidly and efficiently explore and communicate alternative interpretation scenarios for the first time and evaluate the material impact on the viability of a project in real time, ultimately delivering a more accurate interpretation."

RECON® includes usability enhancements to RECON StratalSlice the application for geomorphological or stratal time slicing. StratalSlice divides any seismic data volume of time varying internal thickness into uniform geologic time increments making seismic imaging of depositional systems much easier. StratalSlice now reads 16 bit and 32 bit volumes and is compatible with OpenWorks R5000.

"The release of the new RECON modules demonstrates again AGM's commitment to continually and rapidly delivering innovative practical functionality providing our customers with unprecedented gains in efficiency and accuracy," said Tron Isaksen, president of AGM. "RECON® Geologic Scenario Manager provides the ability to capture and review interpretation decision points on the fly, optimizing collaboration between peers, managers and partners; a decision point for QC and audit process capture for reserve reporting and the quantification of deterministic geological risk to reduce uncertainty."