Quest Oil Updates Drilling Program for Hawkeye-Midkiff Fields

Quest Oil's engineering team has picked its first drill site to initiate the drilling program for the Hawkeye-Midkiff fields in Tx. The drilling program will be determined from the use of the hydrocarbon imaging plat that has been completed as well as geological studies. The survey and construction of the location have been initiated for the drilling rig.

Joe Wallen, CEO of Quest Oil commented, "Again, we are excited about the potential of our drilling program. As I have stated in the prior news release, we had anticipated drilling by the end of October to the first of November. Due to logistics complications we anticipate drilling to commence within the next 45 days. We are using the hydrocarbon imaging plat as well as other geological data in helping to determine our drilling strategy to allow us to be successful in drilling. We are also confident that we can increase production from the drilling as well as from the workover program. We will have the hydrocarbon imaging posted on the Company's website within the next few days."