Indonesia Selects Landmark as Partner for National Data Bank

Landmark Graphics reports that its representative company in Jakarta, PT Landmark Concurrent Solusi Indonesia, has signed a 10-year business partner contract with the Agency for Research and Development in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia. The agreement will culminate in the opening and ongoing operation of Indonesia's National Data Centre (NDC) for petroleum, energy and minerals data in 2004. In the first phase Landmark will, in conjunction with the Agency, design and complete the preparations for the establishment of the NDC. PetroBankā„¢ technology will form the foundation of the data management solution and is a key part of the operational infrastructure to be delivered and managed by Landmark. The international operating expertise and experience gained in the national data bank operations in Norway, Brazil, Pakistan and the UK, will shape the ongoing performance of Landmark's operational team that will work alongside the Agency during the term of the agreement.

"Indonesia's diverse energy and mining challenges demand flexible and secure management of data assets," said Andy Lane, president, Landmark. "The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources decision to leverage Landmark's data management solutions and operational experience is an indication of the confidence that they have in Landmark as a services provider and in the direction that we are taking the PetroBank data hosting and management services."

"The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, having long recognized that data and information relating to the energy and mineral resources of Indonesia are a vital resource for the country, has developed the grand integrated management strategy for the energy and mineral resources data, which grants efficiency, quick retrieval, accuracy, integrity, security and confidentiality, by establishing a professional National Data Centre (NDC). We believe a National Data Centre will help Indonesia attract more investors to develop the energy and mineral resources sector in this country," said Mr. Simon Sembiring, Head of R & D Agency for Energy and Mineral Resources.

"We are pleased that Indonesia's Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has selected Landmark's PetroBank services to establish its National Data Centre operation," said Murray Roth, executive vice president, Marketing and Systems, Landmark. "The deployment and use of PetroBank will provide an opportunity for oil and gas, and mining specialists in Indonesia to fully leverage the value of information through the implementation of Landmark's best-in-class approach to data management services and technology."