BP Selects Valhall as a Flagship for the Field of the Future

Valhall has been selected by BP as a Flagship for the Field of the Future concept. Field of the Future is BP's name for the implementation of a suite of advanced technologies and working processes that allow better decisions faster, delivering industry leading performance and value.

"This decision signifies BP's recognition of the technology and working process advances already in place here in Norway on Valhall. It confirms BP's expectation that Valhall will continue to be at the forefront of implementing advanced technology. In addition working processes that deliver industry leading recovery rates and operating costs over the next few years," says Scott Kerr Managing Director of BP Norway A key Flagship role will be to share information and experiences with other assets as they consider Field of the Future applications and to provide opportunities for BP people to see and experience this in action.

This also represents a great opportunity for the Norwegian vendors and contractors working with us on early Field of the Future adoption to secure opportunities in the wider BP.

There are 4 other Flagships for Field of the Future across BP, they were chosen as areas for future development and support, Valhall was chosen as a lead showcase from which others can learn.