Pacific Rubiales Boasts Exploratory Success in Buganviles Block

Pacific Rubiales announced new exploratory success at its Visure-1X well, located in the Buganviles Block, Upper Magdalena Valley Basin, Colombia.

The Visure-1X well, located in the Visure prospect, close to the southeastern border of the Buganviles Block, was drilled to evaluate a structural trap, similar to the nearby Abanico field to the northeast. The well had three main exploratory targets: the Cretaceous Lower and Upper Intervals of the Guadalupe Formation and the Tertiary Barzalosa Formation. The well was spudded on October 16, 2010, and reached a final depth of 3,380 feet measured depth (MD) or 2,205 feet true vertical depth (TVDSS) on November 1, 2010. The well was drilled slightly deviated at an angle of 9 degrees and found the top of the Barzalosa Formation at 2,206 feet MD (1,040 feet TVDSS), the Upper Guadalupe Interval at 2,995 feet MD (1,825 feet TVDSS), the Lower Guadalupe Interval at 3,079 feet MD (1,908 feet TVDSS), and the top of Villeta Formation at 3,272 feet MD (2,099 feet TVDSS).

The petrophysical evaluation of the well in the Barzalosa and Upper and Lower Guadalupe Formations indicated a total net pay of liquid hydrocarbons of 114 feet in the three intervals, ranging from 24.5 to 45.5 feet of net pay and 16% to 26% average porosity. In addition to the oil-bearing sandstones, the well also showed gas saturated sandstones in the Barzalosa Formation (3 feet thick).

The Visure-1X well was drilled in the southwestern flank of the Visure prospect, and confirmed an oil-water contact at 1,970 feet TVDSS in the Lower Guadalupe Formation. According to the seismic interpretation, the crest of the structure at this level, 0.7 km to the northeast, has been mapped at 1,915 feet TVDSS, which could imply an additional 65 feet of hydrocarbon column for the Visure prospect in the Lower Guadalupe Formation Interval. The Company is now preparing the testing plan for the well to complete it as a producer in the Guadalupe Formation.

The Company is the operator in the block and holds a 19.875% participation in the prospect where the Visure well was drilled. The remaining interest is held by Petrodorado South America, S.A. (TSXV: PDQ) and other private investors. This is an association contract with Ecopetrol.

Ronald Pantin, CEO of the Company, commented, "The results of the Visure-1X well in the Buganviles Block brings new exploration opportunities in the area, so the Company is planning to drill additional exploratory wells in the Block during the last quarter of 2010 and the first quarter of 2011. The first of these, the Tuqueque-1X well, will be spudded shortly."