Ecopetrol Spies Oil in Meta Province

Ecopetrol has successfully completed drilling of the stratigraphic well Mago-1 located in Meta province, as part of the Cano Sur Exploration and Production Contract.

Ecopetrol is the operator and has a 50% stake in the contract. The other 50% belongs to Shell Exploration and Production Colombia Cano Sur GMBH.

The stratigraphic well Mago-1 is located in the eastern block of Cano Sur, adjacent to the Quifa field, in which Ecopetrol also participates, the area having recently been declared commercially viable.

The well was drilled vertically to a depth of 3,300 feet, a little more than a kilometer. As part of recognition and sampling of the stratigraphic column, a core bit was used to drill at 120 feet intervals in the basal sands of the Carbonera formation.

Based on information collected, the petrophysical evaluation shows presence of crude oil in the Carbonera formation, with a net reservoir thickness of approximately 20 feet and average porosity of 30%, which confirms the presence of the petroleum-producing system in the Cano Sur block and supports Ecopetrol's expectations of realizing higher volumes of hydrocarbons in this part of the country.

The evidence shown in the stratigraphic well, together with finds in neighboring blocks, confirms the hydrocarbon potential of Meta province's eastern region.

The evaluation of the information collected in the Mago-1 stratigraphic well will continue in the days to come, as well as further drilling in Cano Sur.