OTC Papers Online Makes Debut


The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is pleased to announce the creation of OTC Papers Online, a searchable database of more than 9,000 technical papers from all OTC meetings since 1969. OTC Papers Online enables anyone doing research related to the offshore oil and gas industry to quickly locate relevant data from the abundance of technical information presented at this premier event.

To meet the demand for online access to papers from prior OTC meetings, OTC developed a fully searchable database that allows users to purchase and download papers in PDF format. Users can search for a specific paper by title or paper number. They can also input a phrase or question to describe a research need and locate all relevant papers, listed by order of relevance. This powerful search capability enhances the access to knowledge from OTC meetings. OTC Papers Online will expand annually to include the nearly 300 technical papers from each conference.

"Each year, OTC is the premier venue for revealing the industry's newest developments in offshore technology," said Skipper Strong, Technip, OTC .04 Program Chair. "These developments come to life in OTC's technical programs and papers. OTC Papers Online is an historical collection of technical papers assembled from the past 35 years, all in one location. By using this resource to reflect on past advancements, OTC facilitates future ideas in offshore technology."

"OTC built OTC Papers Online to fill the much requested need for easy access to the vast wealth of offshore information presented at OTC each year," said Rod Allan, 2004 OTC Chairman. "From early reports of activity, it is clear OTC Papers Online will become the definitive resource for offshore technology."

Papers may be downloaded from OTC Papers Online for U.S. $10 each. OTC Paper Online is available at OTCnet. OTC .04 takes place 3-6 May at Reliant Center at Reliant Park in Houston. For more information about OTC, visit OTC .04.