SOCO Abandons 2nd DRC Well

SOCO Exploration & Production - DRC SPRL has reached total depth on the wildcat exploration well Kinganga Nyanya 1 ("KNY-1") in the Nganzi Block, onshore the Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa). The well was drilled to 1,164 meters Measured Depth.

The well drilled good source rock shales in the middle and Lower Bucomazi, interbedded with Lower Bucomazi sands. It also encountered the target Lucula formation sands although these were not hydrocarbon bearing. There were oil shows in the Lower Bucomazi and the Chela formations. Log analysis indicated oil pay in the secondary target Chela formation sands. Although the well bore was not ideally situated to encounter the thickest part of the Chela sands, an abbreviated test was carried out to determine the reservoir characteristic. On test the sands were found to be tight. The data will be incorporated into the area evaluation to determine if there is a possibility of a commercial accumulation of hydrocarbons updip of the current well.

Currently preparations are being made to plug and abandon the well, and subsequently move to the Bayingu-1, ("BYU-1") exploration well, previously designated the "H" prospect located in the southern portion of the Nganzi Block. BYU-1 is targeting a four way closure, a different play type than the tilted fault blocks drilled to date.

Ed Story, President and Chief Executive of SOCO, commented, "We continue to be encouraged that this previously undrilled basin contains all of the ingredients to be a significant producing area. The two wells that we have drilled to date confirmed the presence of oil and adequate reservoirs though in different settings in the structures. The third well in our current campaign will test a different play concept. We are confident that the area represents a high potential exploration play with more work to be done in order to realize its potential."