Norse, Stryker to Join Forces in 2010 Herkimer Drilling Program

Norse announced a Herkimer joint venture partnership with Stryker Energy.

Norse and Stryker will partner-up in the 2010 Herkimer drilling program. Stryker Energy has reviewed our new 3D seismic data which provides full subsurface illumination of Herkimer prospects. Stryker Energy provides further validation of the Herkimer play in Central New York State from an established long term Appalachian Basin oil and gas operator.

"We welcome Stryker Energy as our partner and we look forward to a successful drilling program," noted Mark Dice, CEO of Norse. Norse and Stryker have successfully explored and developed other Central New York properties under previous joint venture agreements.

Stryker Energy will be a 50% working interest partner in our 2010 drilling program. Funding has been received from Stryker Energy for the first three wells. Stryker and Norse have mutual options to continue the partnership into 2011.