Maersk Restarts Production at Tyra East

Maersk Oil has restarted gas production and export from Tyra East over the weekend after a temporary shutdown.

Tyra East was shut down on Friday as a precautionary measure after it was discovered that clamps holding a boat fender to the platform jacket had developed cracks. The concern was the chance that the fender, if it broke free, could have collided with the gas export line.

The fender's connection to the platform was reinforced on Saturday and production resumed at normal rates on Sunday.

"Safety is always our highest priority, which is why we shut down gas production and export as a precautionary measure as soon as we found the problem," said Mark Wallace, Managing Director of the Danish Operations at Maersk Oil.

"Our swift response, well-drilled safety procedures and the excellent collaboration from our onshore and offshore teams led to a quick resolution of this issue," he said.

Tyra East is the main gas export hub to Denmark, accounting for 90 percent of the DUC gas production.