Flow-Cal to Provide Software Solution for ExxonMobil Production

ExxonMobil Production has selected Flow-Cal to provide a suite of measurement software applications. ExxonMobil US Production, headquartered in Houston, Texas, is a division of ExxonMobil.

Flow-Cal's suite of products provides operational efficiencies by gathering, validating, storing and distributing a company's volume and energy data. The software suite begins at the field level with the PROVEit and TESTit applications, and is anchored by Flow-Cal's flagship product, FLOWCAL Enterprise. The Flow-Cal solution replaces multiple measurement products used by ExxonMobil, including the smaller FLOWCAL Desktop application. This has resulted in ExxonMobil consolidating their measurement functions and creating a centralized measurement operation.

"These products will provide ExxonMobil with the necessary tools to replace multiple applications and streamline key processes to acquire more accurate information in a timely manner," stated Duane Harris, Flow-Cal's Vice President of Sales and Support.

Flow-Cal's field products, PROVEit and TESTit, allow ExxonMobil Production the ability to schedule and record the calibration and testing of field equipment. While PROVEit has gained industry wide acceptance for calibrating liquid meters, TESTit is now integrated into FLOWCAL Enterprise which allows maintenance and calibration results to be accessed in the field and from the office. Additionally, FLOWCAL Enterprise employs extensive validation routines and editing techniques while providing a comprehensive audit trail.

"The flexibility and power of the applications have made us aware of the value associated with Flow-Cal's products," stated Tomas Munoz, Measurement Advisor for ExxonMobil US Production. "We now have a true centralized measurement system that our functional support groups can utilize. FLOWCAL has proven to be very robust, as we are still identifying enhancements that were not originally in the scope of the project. FLOWCAL also met all our expectations regarding security, validation tools, scheduling and overall stability. It is apparent why Flow-Cal is the industry choice, as well as ours."