Mosaic is 4 for 4 with the Lark 1H Well

Mosaic Oil's ambitious new technology campaign using horizontal coiled tubing drilling with nitrified liquids has resulted in a 4 out of 4 success rate with Lark 1H flowing gas and oil to surface.

All four wells were drilled in PL 16 southeast Queensland, Australia and are wholly owned by Mosaic Oil.

The company has announced a work over rig will install production tubing to establish quantifiable flows and connect the well into the gas pipeline.

The oil flowing from Lark 1H is similar to the oil being produced from the nearby Link well four kilometers away. (46-48 degrees API).

Dr. Brady said "For safety reasons, the oil was flared as it was produced so no accurate flow rate could be measured. However, a work over rig already on site at Tinker 4H (4 kilometers away) will install production tubing next week so that the well can be tested as soon as possible".

"We are releasing the coiled tubing unit this week and are very satisfied to have finished the first under-balanced horizontal coiled tubing operation in Australia with a 100% success rate," says Dr. Howard Brady, CEO of Mosaic Oil.