Oil and Gas Majors Hiring Right Now

Oil and Gas Majors Hiring Right Now
Oil and gas majors are hiring right now for a variety of roles in several different locations.

Oil and gas majors are hiring right now for a variety of roles in several different locations. Check out Rigzone’s guide below for more information.


An ExxonMobil spokesperson told Rigzone that the company is actively recruiting and showing “good results”, adding that the company is pleased with the “high-quality candidates we continue to attract at ExxonMobil”. 

The business is currently advertising positions for hundreds of jobs, with the majority of these based in Asia, although a large swathe of job opportunities are also available in Europe and the U.S. ExxonMobil’s open positions are in a variety of categories that reflect the work the company does, the spokesperson told Rigzone.  

“ExxonMobil’s focus on recruiting and retaining the right talent helps build and sustain its high-performing workforce - our people are our most important competitive advantage,” the spokesperson said.

“The success of our company, current and future, is based on the talent, ingenuity and hard work of our employees. We want employees to have a long-term, fulfilling career with ExxonMobil,” the spokesperson added.

Saudi Aramco

A Saudi Aramco spokesperson told Rigzone that Aramco is “always seeking talented and passionate professionals to join our team of more than 70,000 employees”.

The spokesperson outlined that, as a result of the company’s diverse, global and expanding operations, it is looking to attract individuals with “unique experience” in the fields it operates in, “including unconventional resources, carbon management, data science and chemicals”. 

Additionally, a large proportion of opportunities for experienced professionals are within Aramco’s core functions, which include engineering, geosciences, drilling and R&D, in addition to other administrative areas, the spokesperson said.

“Our vision is to be the world’s pre-eminent integrated energy and chemicals company, and to achieve this we value the support of our most important asset, our people,” the spokesperson told Rigzone.

“As such, employees can expect dedicated support and opportunities for development so that they may achieve their full potential. Our workforce drives us forward every single day and, in return, we are proactive in providing an enriching and rewarding workplace environment,” the spokesperson added.


Chevron, which employs more than 37,000 people and operates in 180 countries, is currently advertising nearly 200 positions all around the world in a variety of different categories. The company notes on its website that its compensation and benefits programs are designed to be competitive within local labor markets and to meet the needs of employees wherever they live.

“We invest in, develop and empower our highly competent workforce,” Chevron states on its site.

“Our vision [is] to be the global energy company most admired for its people, partnership and performance,” the company’s site adds.


TotalEnergies is currently looking to fill almost 900 roles, which are, again, based all around the world. The vast majority of these roles, almost 700, are based in Europe, with more than 60 roles on offer in the U.S., and 28 in Asia. TotalEnergies is also advertising for roles in Africa and South America.

“Attracting and retaining the talent the company needs is a key factor in carrying out the company project,” TotalEnergies states on its website.

“To succeed in that task, TotalEnergies carefully manages its hires and departures, provides individualized support for its employees, maintains a responsible employee compensation policy and works to expand employee shareholding,” the company adds.


Shell is advertising more than 1,200 jobs at the moment all over the world in all sorts of skills groups. The majority of these roles are based in India (274), with the second largest set of roles based in the U.S. (175), and the third largest based in the UK (160).

Shell, which has been around for more than 110 years, is one of the largest companies in the world, operating in over 70 countries. The business has more than 90,000 employees across a wide range of businesses.

“We offer some of the most competitive compensation and benefits packages in the industry,” Shell states on its website, adding that it takes work-life balance “seriously”.

“Your personal development is a priority for us as an organization. As such, our development programs are recognized as being industry-leading with multiple development tools at your disposal,” the company adds on its site.


BP is currently looking to fill almost 600 positions, with 134 jobs based in the U.S. and 60 jobs based in the UK. The jobs cover a wide range of categories, from digital and technology roles, to wells, finance and operations positions.

“BP is a global company that offers a world of opportunities for both professionals and graduates,” the company states on its website.

“You can expect world-class training, the flexibility to realize your full potential and a reward and benefits package that we believe is second-to-none,” BP adds on its site.

The company offers a variety of tips for candidates on its site, which are worth checking out if you’re considering applying here.


Eni is currently recruiting for around 200 jobs, with almost half of these jobs based in Italy and just over half based in other countries. They span a range of professional areas, including wells, commercial and portfolio management and trading positions.

The company also allows for speculative applications for jobseekers that can’t find an opportunity at the company that matches their profile.

“People are our energy - we recognize the value of their skills and the importance of their contribution to building the new Eni,” Eni states on its website.

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