Massive Heerema Thialf Vessel To Start Kinsale Head Removal

Massive Heerema Thialf Vessel To Start Kinsale Head Removal
Heerema's semi-submersible crane giant Thialf is set to kick off the Kinsale Head platform removal campaign for PSE Kinsale Energy in May.

PSE Kinsale Energy has informed that the Kinsale Head platform removal campaign is scheduled to start in late May 2022 and is expected to run through to September 2022. The company has tagged Heerema Marine Contractors' giant semi-submersible crane vessel, Thialf, to remove both Alpha and Bravo platforms.

The Thialf will work for a planned period on the removal of both platforms which will be removed in several sections and backloaded to cargo barges. The backloading of the removed components on cargo barges is planned at the offshore location but may be performed at a nearshore backloading location depending on environmental conditions.

Gas production from the wells was shut in on the 5th of July 2020 when all the gas reserves in the various fields were depleted. All of the gas production wells have now been permanently plugged with cement and the associated facilities (platforms, pipelines, cables, subsea structures, and onshore terminal) are also being decommissioned.

Gas was produced from the Kinsale Head area in the Celtic Sea from 1978 until 2020. Kinsale Gas enabled Ireland to be self-sufficient in gas supply until 1995 and was instrumental in the development of the national natural gas network in Ireland.

PSE Kinsale informs that the decommissioning activities will be undertaken off the south coast of Ireland at various locations. There will be three areas of operation. A weather-monitoring buoy (wave-rider buoy) will be deployed between the two platforms for the duration of the works.

The anchor handling vessels, the MV Kolga and the MW Bylgia, as well as three barges, will accompany Thialf throughout the entire operation period while the crew transfer vessel Merel-G will transfer the crew between the vessels and shore throughout all operations.

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