Fear of Failure Crippling Oil and Gas Workers

Fear of Failure Crippling Oil and Gas Workers
Out of 35 industry sectors analyzed, oil and gas workers are the 13th most fearful of failure.

Fear of failure is paralyzing decision making among 62 percent of oil and gas workers.

That’s according to findings from O.C. Tanner’s 2022 Global Culture Report, which analyzed the perspectives of over 38,000 employees and leaders from 21 countries around the world, including almost 200 oil and gas workers.

Out of the 35 industry sectors analyzed, oil and gas workers are the 13th most fearful of failure, with those working in the lumber and paper sector scoring highest, the report revealed. According to figures sent to Rigzone, 58.8 percent of the near 200 oil and gas workers surveyed agreed that they worry about making mistakes, while 19.1 percent disagreed, and 60.3 percent of the oil and gas worker sample agreed that criticism/scolding hurts them “quite a bit”, while 14.7 percent disagreed.

The figures sent to Rigzone also outlined that 64.7 percent of oil and gas workers agreed that they feel worried when they think they have done poorly at something, while 17.6 percent disagreed, and that 58.8 percent of oil and gas respondents would not consider themselves tense or highly strung.

“Fear of failure is not unusual, however it can be particularly dominant in organizations that employ ‘old school’ leadership practices”, Robert Ordever, the managing director of O.C. Tanner Europe said.

“In such businesses, the leadership team is trusted to make the decisions, the staff then have to implement these decisions and the measure of success comes down to avoiding failure,” he added.

“It’s important to alter the conversation around failure and demonstrate from the very top of the business down that failure is both a permitted and welcomed part of an innovation culture. You can’t expect employees to innovate and experiment if failure is frowned-upon and criticized,” Ordever continued.

The O.C. Tanner Institute uses multiple research methods to support the Global Culture Report, including interviews, focus groups, cross-sectional surveys, and a longitudinal survey. O.C. Tanner describes itself as the global leader in software and services that improve workplace culture through meaningful employee experiences.

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