Extinction Rebellion Starts Fossil Industry Protests In Rotterdam

Extinction Rebellion Starts Fossil Industry Protests In Rotterdam
The Dutch branch of the environmental group Extinction Rebellion kicked off major protests against the fossil industry on May 19 in Rotterdam.

The Dutch branch of the environmental group Extinction Rebellion launched several protests against the fossil industry in the streets of Rotterdam on May 19. The group’s members are demanding a swift transition to a ‘climate-just’ environment and an end to the fossil fuels industry.

The protests kicked off in front of the Rotterdam Centraal Train Station before moving to several other spots in the city, followed by artistic performances. One of the performances included a ‘visit from the corporate clowns of the fossil industry’ taking a moment to mourn the damage the fossil fuels have done to the environment worldwide.

The group has also said that several other disruptive actions have been taken during Friday. Protesters gathered at various locations important to the fossil fuel industry, “committed to putting an end to the pollution and destruction that this industry causes daily.” SBM Offshore has been one of the companies targeted by the protesters.

During the weekend, the campaign continued with a Community program, with more protests announced for Monday, May 23. However, the Monday protests will be spread across the whole country, while the largest protests are scheduled for Tuesday, May 24, the group said in a statement.

The group quoted the IPCC report saying that the next three years are crucial. To maintain a chance of a maximum of 1.5 degrees of warming, global greenhouse gas emissions must decrease before 2025, and the same applies to methane.

“Look at what is happening with 1.2 degrees of warming in India and Pakistan, where hundreds of millions of people are suffering from a terrifying heat wave, and in the Horn of Africa where people are ravaged by extreme drought and famine. We must now stop the fossil fuel industry,” said the group’s spokesperson, Lucas Winnips.

He further adds people all over the world are feeling the consequences, from Groningen and Rotterdam to the Global South. “Indigenous groups have been fighting for centuries against the states and big corporations that are causing the climate and environmental crisis. We want to stand side by side with them, and with everyone affected by fossil destruction, both in the Netherlands and abroad,” said Winnips.

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