Dragon LNG Deploys New Drug Testing Tech

Dragon LNG Deploys New Drug Testing Tech
Wales-based Dragon LNG is the first organization in the international gas industry to deploy a new fingerprint-based drug testing technology, a statement posted on the test provider's website has announced.

Wales-based Dragon LNG is the first organization in the international gas industry to deploy a new fingerprint-based drug testing technology, a statement posted on the test provider’s website has announced.

Dragon LNG is using the 10-minute fingerprint drug test kit from Intelligent Fingerprinting (IF) to encourage adherence to its workplace drug policy, the statement on IF’s site noted. Utilizing sweat samples, the test screens for recent use of cocaine, cannabis, opiates and methamphetamine, which could affect an employee’s ability to work safely, the statement outlined.

Anyone under the influence of drugs could make impaired judgements, creating a health and safety risk for employees, colleagues and the public, the statement highlighted. As Dragon LNG is responsible for handling liquefied natural gas, health and safety is clearly critical for the organization, the statement noted, adding that the company was keen to be a pioneer in the gas sector with its deployment of the drug test.

“The adoption of our fingerprint-based drug testing approach is gaining momentum because companies like Dragon LNG can take control of their own end-to-end testing processes,” Paul Yates of Intelligent Fingerprinting said in a company statement.

“And, because our system has a short window of detection, we can provide the most relevant fitness for duty test. This approach ideally complements already effective and agreed workplace drug and alcohol policies in the least intrusive and most dignified way,” Yates added.

Dragon LNG’s Lydia Uchronski was quoted in the statement as saying, “Dragon’s number one priority is safety, and our facility has been designed, engineered and constructed to ensure health, safety and environmental compliance and reliability”.

“We work tirelessly to keep our team, neighbors, communities and environment safe, so when we learnt about the Intelligent Fingerprinting drug test, we were interested in how it could help Dragon LNG to further improve our health and safety processes. The fingerprint-based test is remarkably easy to use and gives us access to in-house initial testing that we can carry out completely on-site whenever we need to,” Uchronski added in the statement.

“If we find any non-negative results, we then conduct a confirmation test that is sent away for laboratory analysis. Intelligent Fingerprinting’s solution gives us the simplicity and flexibility we need while helping us to proactively enforce what is an essential safety process. The fingerprint test has provided us with a non-invasive portable drug testing solution that’s easy-to-use in practice and gives us the levels of accuracy we need,” the Dragon LNG representative continued.

Rigzone did not receive an immediate response to an email sent to Dragon LNG asking if the company has had any problems with drug taking among its staff before.

The Dragon terminal is an LNG receiving, storing and regasifying facility based in Waterston, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, which has two shareholders, Shell and Ancala LNG Ltd, which each hold a 50 percent interest. The company notes on its website that Dragon is one of just three such terminals in the UK and forms a critical part of the nation’s energy infrastructure.

Based in Cambridge, UK, IF specializes in the development of non-invasive, fingerprint-based diagnostic technology for use at point-of-care, according to its website. It was established in 2007 after spinning out from the University of East Anglia. Back in July, IF announced that it had developed an easy-to-use saliva-based lateral flow test for the rapid detection of the Covid-19 antigen. 

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