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Offshore Brazil Operator Adds Two Wells to Contract
Friday, June 04, 2021Maersk Developer has secured a firm 120-contract extension. PHOTO SOURCE: Maersk Drilling

Maersk Drilling Enters Market with New Customer
Tuesday, April 20, 2021The Maersk Developer semisub will perform well intervention on four wells. PHOTO SOURCE: Maersk Drilling

Karoon Buys PEPC's 35% Stake in 4 Santos Basin Blocks in Brazil for $20.5M
Wednesday, September 28, 2016Karoon Gas Australia acquires Pacific Exploration and Production Corp.'s (PEPC) 35 percent stake in 4 exploration blocks in Brazil's Santos Basin for up to $20.5 million.

PEPC Makes Overdue Payment to Karoon for Brazil's Santos Basin Blocks
Thursday, June 16, 2016Pacific Exploration and Production Corp. makes overdue payment to Karoon Gas Australia for Santos Basin blocks offshore Brazil.

Karoon Issues Default Notice to Santos Basin Block Partner PEPC
Wednesday, June 15, 2016Karoon Gas Australia issues a default notice to Pacific Exploration and Production Corp. (PEPC) for an overdue payment regarding their Brazil's Santos Basin blocks.

Karoon Says PEPC's Restructuring Not Likely to Impact Brazil Work Program
Thursday, April 28, 2016Karoon Gas Australia expects no impact on the work program for its Santos Basin blocks off Brazil despite partner Pacific Exploration and Production Corp.'s ongoing restructuring.

New Guinea Energy Acquires Stake in Karoon Gas Australia
Monday, April 18, 2016Papua New Guinea-focused New Guinea Energy acquires a $2.72 million percent stake in Karoon Gas Australia.

Karoon Contracts Olinda Star Semisub for Drilling in Brazil's Santos Basin
Thursday, December 24, 2015Karoon contracts QGOG's Olinda Star mid-water semisub for appraisal drilling in Brazil's Santos Basin.

Quadrant Energy Finds Dry Hole at Levitt-1 Well in Permit WA-482-P Off WA
Tuesday, August 11, 2015Quadrant Energy finds dry hole at the Levitt-1 prospect in WA-482-P permit offshore Western Australia.

Ocean America Continues Drilling at Levitt-1 Well in Carnarvon Basin
Tuesday, July 21, 2015Ocean America semisub continues drilling at the Levitt-1 exploration well in Permit WA-482-P in Carnarvon Basin, off Western Australia.

Quadrant Energy Spuds Levitt-1 Prospect in WA's Carnarvon Basin
Tuesday, July 07, 2015Quadrant Energy spuds Levitt-1 exploration well in permit WA-482-P in the Carnarvon Basin, offshore Western Australia.

Ocean America Mobilizing to Drill Levitt-1 Prospect in WA's Carnarvon Basin
Wednesday, July 01, 2015Ocean America semisub is mobilizing to Levitt-1 prospect in permit WA-482-P offshore Western Australia to drill an exploration well in the first week of July.

Karoon Confirms Oil Discovery at Echidna-1 Well in Santos Basin
Tuesday, April 21, 2015Karoon Gas confirms oil discovery at Echidna-1 exploration well in Block S-M-1102 in Santos Basin offshore Brazil.

Karoon Gas Finds Hydrocarbons at Echidna-1 Well in Brazil's Santos Basin
Monday, April 13, 2015Karoon Gas finds hydrocarbons at Echidna-1 exploration well in Block S-M-1102m, Santos Basin, offshore Brazil.

Apache Contracts Ocean America to Drill Levitt-1 Well in Carnavon Basin
Tuesday, March 24, 2015Apache contracts Diamond Offshore's Ocean America semisub to drill the Levitt-1 prospect in permit WA-482-P in the Carnarvon Basin, offshore Western Australia.

Olinda Star Semisub to Drill Kangaroo West-1 Well in Santos Basin Soon
Friday, March 20, 2015The Olinda Star semisub will move to drill the Kangaroo West-1 exploration well in Block S-M-1165 in Santos Basin, offshore Brazil after completing work at the Kangaroo-2 appraisal well.

Preparation Underway for Kangaroo-2 Production Testing in Santos Basin
Thursday, December 04, 2014Karoon Gas making preparations for production testing at Kangaroo-2 appraisal well in Block S-M-1165 in Brazil's Santos Basin.

Karoon Updates on Drilling at Kangaroo-2 Appraisal Well in Santos Basin
Wednesday, November 19, 2014Karoon Gas provides update on drilling at Kangaroo-2 appraisal well in Block S-M-1165 block, Santos Basin, Brazil.

Karoon Plans $150M Brazil Oil Well Drilling Plan, Seeks Partner
Friday, October 31, 2014Karoon Gas Australia is trying to sell a stake in its Brazilian offshore oil-exploration blocks as it plans to start a $120 million to $150 million drilling program, its top South American executive says.

Origin Completes Acquisition of 2 Permits in WA's Browse Basin from Karoon
Tuesday, August 12, 2014Origin Energy completes acquisition of Karoon Gas' 40 percent interest in exploration permits WA-315-P and WA-398-P in Western Australia's Browse Basin.

Karoon Reports Gas Discovery at Pharos-1 Well in WA-389-P ib Browse Basin
Thursday, July 17, 2014Karoon Gas Australia reports a gas discovery at Pharos-1 exploration well in permit WA-389-P in Browse Basin, Western Australia.

Karoon Contracts Olinda Star Semisub to Drill at Kangaroo Field Off Brazil
Monday, July 14, 2014Karoon Gas contracts Olinda Star semisub for drilling at the Kangaroo oil field offshore Brazil.

Way Clear for Origin Energy to Acquire Karoon's Stakes in 2 Permits Off WA
Tuesday, July 01, 2014Karoon discloses that the way is clear for Origin Energy to acquire its interest in permits WA-315-P and WA-389-P in the Browse Basin offshore Western Australia.

Origin Acquires Karoon's 40% Interest in 2 Permits in WA's Browse Basin
Monday, June 02, 2014Origin Energy acquires Karoon Energy's 40% interest in exploration permits WA-315-P and WA-398-P in Western Australia's Browse Basin.

Karoon Gas Farms Out 50% Stake in Permit WA-482-P to Apache
Friday, May 16, 2014Karoon Gas Australia's subsidiary Karoon Gas FPSO farms out 50 percent interest in exploration permit WA-482-P offshore Western Australia to a unit of Apache Corporation.

ConocoPhillips Plans to Drill Pharos-1 Well in Permit WA-398-P offshore WA
Friday, May 16, 2014ConocoPhillips plans to utilize Transocean Legend to drill the Pharos-1 well in permit WA-398-P offshore Western Australia after completing work at Poseidon North-1 well in permit WA-315-P.

Transocean Legend Spuds Poseidon North-1 Well in Browse Basin
Thursday, March 20, 2014Karoon Gas discloses that Transocean Legend spuds Poseidon North-1 exploration well in permit Wa-315-P in Browse Basin, off Western Australia.

Transocean Legend Continues Drilling at Grace-1 Well off Western Australia
Monday, January 20, 2014Karoon Gas reports that Transocean Legend semisub continues to drill Grace-1 well in permit WA-314-P off Western Australia.

Transocean Legend to Resume Drilling at Grace-1 Well in Permit WA-314-P
Monday, January 06, 2014Karoon Gas Australia reports that preparations are underway to resume drilling at Grace-1 well in permit WA-314-P off Western Australia after tropical cyclone Christine passed near the location recently.

Transocean Legend Spuds Grace-1 Well in WA-314-P off Western Australia
Monday, October 07, 2013Karoon Gas Australia announces that Transocean Legend mid-water semisub has commenced drilling at Grace-1 exploration well in permit WA-314-P off Western Australia.

Karoon Reports Proteus-1 ST2 Well Successfullly Flow Condensate Bearing Gas
Wednesday, September 18, 2013Karoon Gas Australia announces that the Proteus-1 ST2 well in the Browse Basin in Australia has successfully flowed condensate bearing gas.

ConocoPhillips Discovers Gas at Proteus-1 Well in Browse Basin
Monday, September 02, 2013Karoon Gas Australia announces a gas discovery at the Proteus-1 exploration well in Permit WA-398-P in the Browse Basin, off north-western Australia.

Karoon Gas Raising $134M to Support Company Operations
Wednesday, August 07, 2013Karoon Gas launches an underwritten placement to raise approximately $134.4 million to support its operations in Australia, Brazil and Peru.

Proteus-1 Drilling Continues in Browse Basin
Monday, July 22, 2013Australia's Karoon Gas updates on Proteus-1 exploration well drilling in Browse Basin, off north-western Australia.

Karoon Engages CGGVeritas for 3D Seismic Survey in Permit WA-482-P
Wednesday, June 19, 2013Karoon engages CGGVeritas Services to conduct a marine 3D seismic survey over permit WA-482-P in the offshore northern Carnarvon Basin.

Karoon Gas Increases Size of Oil Discovery Offshore Brazil
Thursday, May 09, 2013Karoon Gas boosts size estimate of its Bilby-1 oil discovery off the coast of Brazil, increasing the likelihood of a commercial development.

Karoon Finds Oil Offshore Brazil, Shares Jump
Sunday, May 05, 2013Karoon Gas makes its second significant oil discovery offshore Brazil, sending its shares soaring as much as 28% and increasing the possibility of finding another partner to share development costs.

Pacific Rubiales Farms-In to Bilby Well Offshore Brazil
Thursday, March 28, 2013Pacific Rubiales Energy exercises its option to acquire a stake in a Santos Basin block offshore Brazil.

ConocoPhillips Spuds Proteus Well Offshore WA
Monday, March 25, 2013The third well in the Poseidon exploration program, the Proteus‐1 well, has been spud using the Transocean Legend semisumb.

Karoon Gas Faces Setback as Brazil Well Doesn't Yield Oil
Sunday, March 24, 2013Karoon Gas faces a setback to its exploration offshore Brazil after a well in the Santos basin didn't unearth any significant oil reserves.

Rig Woes Plague Conoco-Karoon Drilling Program Offshore WA
Friday, December 14, 2012ConocoPhillips and Karoon Gas sees further delay in the drilling timeline of their five-well exploration program in the offshore Greater Poseidon area on persistent blowout preventer problems.

Australia's Karoon Sees Brazil Subsalt Fields Extending Southwest
Thursday, October 04, 2012Karoon Gas has found a promising prospect off the coast of Brazil that, if confirmed, could mean the prolific subsalt region extends further southwest and into shallower waters than is currently thought.

ConocoPhillips, Karoon Gas to Start Coring Operations at Boreas-1 Well
Friday, September 07, 2012ConocoPhillips and Karoon Gas aim to start coring operations at the Boreas-1 exploration well after hitting the primary reservoir objective.

ConocoPhillips, Karoon Gas Resume Drilling Boreas-1 After Solving Rig Woes
Friday, August 17, 2012The ConocoPhillips-Karoon Gas JV finally resumes drilling in the Greater Poseidon area in the Browse Basin after drilling works at its contracted drilling rig is completed.

ConocoPhillips Completes Final Function Testing on Transocean Legend
Thursday, June 28, 2012ConocoPhillips will forge ahead with drilling the Boreas-1 exploration well in WA-314-P following the final function testing of the BOPs for the Transocean semisub Transocean Legend.

ConocoPhillips Kicks Off Browse Basin Campaign
Thursday, April 05, 2012ConocoPhillips commenced the Browse Basin exploration drilling campaign with the drilling of exploration well Boreas-1.

ConocoPhillips to Kick Off 2012 Browse Drilling Campaign
Thursday, February 23, 2012Karoon's 2012 drilling campaign is expected to commence during the first week of March 2012 when the drilling rig Transocean Legend is mobilized by the Karoon/ConocoPhillips Joint Venture from the port of Dampier.

Karoon Gas/ConocoPhillips Drilling Campaign Completed
Monday, June 07, 2010Karoon advised that Kronos-1 drilling and testing operations were recently completed.

ConocoPhillips Tests Browse Basin Well
Wednesday, May 19, 2010Karoon Gas and WA-398-P joint venture partner, ConocoPhillips (operator) are conducting a drill stem test on the Kronos-1 exploration well in the Browse Basin.

Karoon, Conoco Slate Second Drilling Campaign for 2011
Tuesday, March 02, 2010Karoon Gas said Tuesday that its joint venture with ConocoPhillips will launch a second exploration campaign in the Browse Basin offshore Western Australia state next year.