Companies Team Up To Develop Full Value Chain CCUS Offering

Companies Team Up To Develop Full Value Chain CCUS Offering
Aker Carbon Capture, Altera, and Höegh LNG have partnered to explore a full value chain offering for carbon capture, utilization, and storage.

Aker Carbon Capture, Altera Infrastructure, and Höegh LNG have entered a non-exclusive collaboration to explore a full value chain offering for carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS).

The parties will collaborate on offering carbon capture as a service to industrial emitters, enabling the implementation of the full value chain needed to realize carbon capture, utilization, and storage projects for industrial emitters.

"Strategic partnerships with providers of CO2 processing, transport, and storage capabilities help to optimize the value chain to fast-track the deployment of carbon capture utilization and storage. We are pleased to collaborate with Altera Infrastructure and Höegh LNG with their maritime infrastructure expertise in our efforts to accelerate the CCUS market," said Jon Christopher Knudsen, CCO of Aker Carbon Capture.

Altera Infrastructure and Höegh LNG are global maritime and infrastructure companies, providing services in the CCUS value chain including gaseous and liquid CO2 gathering, purification, liquefaction, transportation, and permanent underground storage of CO2.

The two are involved in the Stella Maris CCS project which covers large-scale transport with the shuttling of CO2 to an offshore site for injection and permanent storage in a relevant subsea reservoir.

Höegh LNG operates floating LNG import terminals, floating storage and regasification units, as well as LNG carriers while Altera is focused on the ownership and operation of FPSOs, shuttle tankers, towing vessels, and a unit for maintenance and safety.

"Large scale maritime CCS is seen as a cornerstone in Altera's future business and a concept we have been working on for more than a decade, more recently with our partner, Höegh LNG,” says Ingvild Sæther, Group CEO of Altera. “We believe delivery of CCUS will be required to achieve a meaningful contribution to net-zero and we are delighted to be collaborating with Aker Carbon Capture as a leader in carbon capture technology."

In a mutual statement, the trio claimed that the collaboration was non-exclusive, allowing the parties to offer a full value chain offering at locations where the combined technical concept of Aker Carbon Capture's technology and the processing and shipping capabilities of Altera Infrastructure and Höegh LNG was best suited while leaving the parties with the flexibility to work with alternative solutions elsewhere.

"These collaborations represent key building blocks in our offering, enabling source-to-storage decarbonization at a pay-per-ton captured CO2 model," Knudsen added.

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