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Fully equipped and ready to go ZJ40 Mobile Drilling Rig. In excellent condition, demobilized on July 2021 after completing final operation. AC electric mud pumps with backup generators, 5” DPs, MI solids control system. Inspection report available upon request. Rig available for further inspection in Aydin, Western Turkey Owner Website: Contact emails : GENERAL DESC. OF EQUIPMENT Classification & General Information TRUCK-MOUNTED DRILLING RIG PM225 Type of Unit ZJ40 Manufacturer JEREH Date of Manufacture 2015 MAST Make and Type JRH22538 TWO SECTION, FRONT OPEN, TILTING, 3° TILTING ANGLE, DOUBLE RAISING CYLINDERS AND TELESCOPING CYLINDERS" Clear Height 38 m (125 ft) Gross Nominal Capacity 505.000 lbs Hook Load with 12 lines 505.000 lbs Max. wind load - No setback 69 mph Max. wind load - With setback 57 mph Crown Block Capacity 505.000 lbs Racking Board Make, Type, and Capacity Make: JEREH 12.000 ft of 4 1/2" DP Standpipes 4” OD 5000 PSI SUBSTRUCTURE Make and Type JRH/225t / Six Poles Spiral-Mounted Floor Height 6.7 m (22 ft) Clear Height 5.6 m (18.3 ft) Gross Nominal Capacity 775.000 lbs Casing Capacity 505.000 lbs DRAWWORKS Make and Type JEREH JC40 HP Rating 1260 HP Anti Collision System Mekanic Crown-o Matic Number of Engines 2 Make / Type CAT Transmission Allison Engine Model C 18 Max Continuous Power 2 x 630 HP (1260 HP Total) ROTARY TABLE Make and Type JEREH ZP275 Drive Type Universal Shaft + Chain Driven Size/Minimum opening 27-1/2 inch Static Load 450 tons Maximum Torque 27500 ft-lbs Maximum speed 300 RPM Swivel SL225 5000 psi Swivel Bearing Capacity 230 Ton Master Bushing Make / Type ZT275 Kelly Bushing Make / Type DENCON : 5 1/4” Square Type Kelly 5 1/4 Square Kelly 40' Long. 6 5/8 LH Box Up TRAVELING BLOCK/HOOK Capacity 230 tons Number of sheaves 5 Sheave Groove Size 1 1/4“ WELLHEAD Annular BOP 21-1/4” 2000 psi - Drilltech 13-5/8" 5000 psi - Hydril Double Ram 21 1/4" 2000 psi - T3 NOV 13-5/8" 5000 psi - Kerui Choke Manifold 4 1/16'' 5000 psi Choke Line 4 1/16" 5000 psi w/ 1 HCR and 2 Gate Valve Closing Unit KERUI FKQ 960-7 126 Gal. Reservoir 5 control stations Other Wellhead Components 21 1/4" 2000 psi Casing Head Housing 21 1/4" 2000 psi Drilling Spool w/ 7 1/16" Side Outlets 13 5/8" 5000 psi Drilling Spool w/ 4 1/16" Side Outlets 13 5/8" 3M-5M Adapter Drilling Spool w/ 4 1/16 Side Outlets 13 5/8" 3000psi Riser Spool MUD PUMPS - driven by 2 AC motors (1000HP) with drivers Make and Type 2 ea Triplex - DTF1000 (additional 1 ea same capacity pump if required) Rated HP 1000HP Maximum Working Pressure w/ min. ID Liner 5000 psi Maximum SPM 120 spm Working Flowrate 4,59 GPS @ 7" Liner MUD TANKS Number of tanks 4 Capacity 1235bbl Shaker Tank, 2 Compartments 281bbl Intermediate Tank, 3 Compartments 347bbl Suction Tank, 2 Compartments 347bbl Hopper Tank, 2 Compartments 260bbl Agitators 7 X 22.5 KW (1 EA PER 100 BBL COMPARTMENT) Trip Tank 50 bbl Drill Water Tank(s) 25m^3 & 35 m^3 Mixing Pumps 2 x Mission driven by 75 KW AC Motor Mud Mixing Hoppers 2 x MI Swaco Hi-Ride Circuit Breaker Room with cooling system inside. FUEL TANKS Number/Capacity of Tanks 2 x 20 m3 each SOLIDS CONTROL SYSTEM Shale Shakers 2 X MI Swaco / Mongoose PT Capacity 1000 GPM Mud cleaner(s) MI Swaco / 2-12/8T4 Capacity 1200 GPM Number/Size of cones Mission driven by 75 KW AC Motor Degasser Poor Boy Degasser (4000 lt/min @ 8 bar) GENERATORS Quantity 3 Make HITZINGER-MTU Type AC Rating - Kva / V / Hz / Phases 3 x 1.15 Kva/ 500V / 50 Hz / 3 DRILL STRING(S) (OPTIONAL) Drill Pipe 1 5" 19,5 ppf NC50 - 300 ea R2 Heavy Weight Drill Pipe 5" 48,5 ppf - 15 ea R2 Drill Collars 1: 9 1/2" 217 ppf - 4 ea R2 Drill Collars 2: 8" 147 ppf - 12 ea R2 Drill Collars 3: 6 1/2" 91 ppf - 20 ea R2 26" Stablizer 1 STR 17 1/2" Stablizer 2 STR 12 1/4" Stablizer 2 STR + 1 NB 8 1/2" Stablizer 2 STR + 1 NB DP Powertong & DP Spinner Powertong Make - Model JEREH - ZQ203/100-SM Diameter - Max. Torque 3 1/2" to 5 1/2" / 21620 lbs-ft DP Spinner Make Blohm Voss Diameter 4 ½” DP to 5” DP CASING HANDLING Elevator Make / Model Blohm Voss / Side Door Rated Load Capacity 250 Ton Available Sizes 7” , 9 5/8” , 13 3/8”, 20” Slip Spider Blohm Voss - 400 Ton Available Sizes 7” , 9 5/8” , 13 3/8”, 20" (slip) Power Tong Make / Model MCCOY (14.000) 5 1/2" to 13 3/8" Available Jaws 6 5/8“ , 7” , 9 5/8” , 13 3/8” RIG SERVICE AIR SYSTEM Make / Type Atlas Copco, GA22FF Quantity 1 with Int. Dryers Rated Capacity 53.9 L/s at 10 Bar 60,4 L/s at 8,5 Bar ...
Location: Turkey Date Posted: Tuesday, August 9, 2022
Condition: Used Rig with Excellent Condition Price: 2,75 M USD
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For Sale: Land Rig 2000 hp National 1320 UE
Land Rig 2000 hp National 1320 UE • Draw-work: National 1320-UE Draw-works, 1-1/2” Wireline Sand reel complete with 12000 ft of 9/16in sand line Make up and Brake out cathead complete with 2 GE 752 DC Motors 1 Crown-O- Matic 1 driller console with One Elmago Brake 6032 cooling system with water tank equipped with 1 each of 3x4 Mission Centrifugal Pump driven by electric Motor. • Mast & Sub-Structure: Mast Made by Branham, Low Lift Cantilever Height 147 X 30 feet capacity 1,000,000 lbs. Static Hook Load 1,000,000 lbs. at 12 lines. Mast front leg I beam and rear leg angle section; Maximum wind load capacity with pipe racked in mast 75 MPH Racking Platform capacity 5” DP 173 stands, four stand 10” DC, eight stand of 6 ½” DC Complete with 1 each Deadline Anchor 1 each Monkey board 1each Stabbing board. Substructure Swing low lift Cantilever Static Rotary Beam Capacity 750,000 lbs. Set back capacity 700,000 lbs. Height to rotary beams 20' - 6" Drill floor height 25 feet x 37 feet wide. 1 each sub base floor lb 01 1 sub base floor lb 02 1 bottom box driller side 1 bottom box off driller side Complete with 1 Vee door complete 1 Catwalk 1 Doghouse Crown National 6 X 60” Dai meter sheaves. 1 X 60” diameter fast line. • Top Drive: New/Unused Year Manufacture 2009 Top Drive 500 Ton Complete Assembly Manufacture : NOV Portable Drive Type HPT-06-500 2AC SG TT High Torque. • Travelling Block & Hook: National 500 ton Unitized Travelling Block, 500 Ton Hook. • Rotary Table: National C 37 ½” with independent drive & transmission. Complete with a) 2 Traction DC Motor : Make by EMD type D79 • SCR System: 5 Bay, Make by Electric Industries Inc, Houston , Texas. • Mud Pumps: 3 each National 12P160 Input power : 1600 hp with 2 Traction DC Motors Make by EMD type D79,Blower motors 10HP c) Supercharger pump 1 d) Liner cooling pump 1 Halco 1 x 1.5C Model# N 12 P 160 With 5hp motor e) Lube oil gear pump 1 (belt driven) f) Pulsation Dampner 1 Hydril 16 Gal, 5000 psi g) Pressure relief Valve 1 Retsco Reset relief valve 1500 – 5000 psi. • Mud System: 4 Mud System with mission pump comprises of the following tanks • 1500 BBL 3 tank mud system complete with eight 10 HP agitators B. 6x8 centrifugal pumps with 80 HP motors 5x6 centrifugal pumps with 60 HP motors 4x5 centrifugal pumps with 40 HP motors C. Derrick shakers 4 ea D. one SEE-FLO Type Degasser Make: Milchem Drilling Control With 10hp motor Vacuum Degasser 1200 gpm • BOP Stack: 1 Shaffer 13-5/8” 10,000 psi. Double Ram BOP flange top & bottom with large shear bonnet with tandem booster w/ 2 side outlet 4 1/16 10k. 1 Shaffer 13-5/8” 10,000 psi Single Ram BOP flange Top & bottom dressed with standard bonnet w/ 2 side outlet 4 1/16 10k. 1 Shaffer 21-1/4" 2k Double Bop flange top & bottom dress with large shear bonnet in lower cavity with tandem booster. w/ 2 side outlet 4 1/16 5k. 1 Shaffer 21-1/4" 2k Annular BOP Spherical type studded top and flange bottom. 1 Hydril Annular BOP Type : GK-14- 5000 psi 13-5/8’’ 5000 psi studded top & flange bottom. 1 Drilling Spools 3ft 10,000psi with 2 side outlet 3-1/16" 10k. • Accumulator Unit: 1 unit BOP control unit Mfg. Koomey complete w/ 8 station accumulator 24 bottle 11 gallon & one electric pump and two air pumps WP 2000psi & 50hp motor c/w 2 ea remote panels c/w 150ft Umbilicals • Choke Manifold: Choke manifold 3-1/16” X 10,000 psi with one 3-1/16” adjustable choke and two 3-1/16” hydraulic choke. • Wireline Unit: 1 Mathey driven by Hydraulic wire line unit High Pressure Testing Unit: 1 unit of Koomey one hp testing unit air operated complete with chart recorder. Any further details or information don't hesitate to email to
Location: Middle East Date Posted: Thursday, July 21, 2022
Condition: Completely Refurbish Price: Upon Request
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For Sale: Cassady / Cantilever Onshore Rig with Hydraulic Catwalk and Hydraulic Pipe Racks
Cassady / Cantilever Onshore Rig with Hydraulic Catwalk and Hydraulic Pipe Racks, Used The rig, last operated in 2016, has a maximum drilling depth of 3,800m (12,500ft), with a 4" drill pipe. This rig is equipped with a hydraulic catwalk that eliminates the need for special laydown and pick-up equipment. The catwalk is equipped with hydraulic pipe racks that feed the pipe to the catwalk, eliminating the necessity of personnel to roll the pipe. Automated pipe handling and BOP systems improve efficiency and safety. The last general maintenance for all components was performed in 2018. The motors were last started in 2019. The front-end loader was run for 26,468 hours. Generator #1 has 0 hours run since overhaul. Generator #2 was run for 56,637 hours. Generator #3 was run for 59,438 hours. Important note: The main image is for reference purposes. Drilling Rig is currently disassembled, as pictured in subsequent photos. Currently, the kit is semi-armed / semi-assembled. Only the mast and drill cable are not in position. The remainder is armed as represented by the photos. It was last certified in 2010, with certification expiring in February 2020. ...
Location: Monclova, Coahuila Mexico Date Posted: Thursday, June 2, 2022
Condition: Used Price: Make an Offer
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For Sale: National 1625DE 3000 HP land drilling rig
3000 HP Land drilling rig. Contact us at National 1625DE electric draw works S/N T2831 Very competitively priced. Built year 1985, Complete sold as-is basis. No documents or certificates (2) National 3 motor power compound(inline and GE 752) Dreco 1,550,000 SHL x 160' Slingshot Mast Dreco Slingshot 1,500,000 x 800,000 set back substructure 37.5' floor height 31' under rotary beams Gardner Denver 37 1/2" rotary table with transmission and GE 752 traction motors (2) Gardner Denver PZ-11 Triplex mud pumps each with 2 GE 752 Traction motors. Ross Hill 5 x 5 SCR House Job Number 6241 Drilco Hydraulic Ezy Torque and HPU (4) Derrick LXP shakers Derrick 20 cone mud cleaner Derrick DSV-10-3 desander mud/gas separator (2) horizontal water tanks (2) horizontal fuel tanks Mudhouse Mathey wireline unit GCSB2 Lubster Koomey 260 gal 10 station accumulator house (2) Rotary hoses Baylor brake cooling system (2) air hoists Hydraulic wench Man rider Varco HPU Substructure elevating control unit Pipe racks Drillers Cabin Change house Parts house Steam cleaner, pressure washer...
Location: USA Date Posted: Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Condition: Used Price: Contact us
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BHL BRAND NEW 3000HP x 1,500,000 lbs. HOOK LOAD LAND DRILLING RIG (API 4F 4TH EDITION NAMEPLATE AND MONOGRAMMED YEAR 2020) Mast: 147’ x 1,500,000 lbs. Self-Elevating (New) Substructure: Self-Elevating (New) Mast and Substructure NEW API 4F, 4th (Latest) Edition Monogrammed and Certified Top Drive: 750 Ton Rig Skidding System: (New) – Included. 5 Sections. No Limit to Number of Wells (Leap Frog Design) Drawworks: National 1625 3000HP Drill Line: (New) 5,000 ft. Type 1-5/8", EIPS, IWRC Deadline Anchor: Hercules , 120,000 lbs. capacity; Hook Load capacity on 14 lines: 1,680,000 lbs. Traveling Assembly: (Newly Refurbished) Block: 750 Ton; Elevator Links: 144", 750 Ton Rotary Equipment: (Newly Refurbished Rotary Table: 37 ½”; Rating: 750 tons Mud System (New) (3) 1600HP Triplex; Rating 7500psi Mud Tank Capacity: 3000 BBLs Total. 1500 BBLs Active, 1500 BBLs Reserve Generator Units: (4) CAT Engines 3516 SCR House: 4 Gen x (5) SCR Bays Auxiliary Equipment & Storage: Air Compressor (2) Air Receivers: (2) 200 gallon vertical; (1) 600 gallon at substructure Air Dryer Cold Start Compressor Dog House Change & Equipment Storage House Fuel Tanks (500 BBLs Total) Water Tank (500 BBLs Total Instrumentation, Control and Recording Equipment (New) BOP and Well Control Equipment (Refurbished) 10,000 psi Annular; 15,000 psi Single Ram; 15,000 psi Double Ram; 15,000 psi Drill Spool Mud Gas Separator: 48? Diameter x 20' High Stand Pipe and Stand Pipe Manifold Rated to 7500 psi to match Mud Pump Rating BHL International Inc....
Location: Houston Date Posted: Friday, March 18, 2022
Condition: NEW Price:
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For Lease: 3000 hp land rig
Location: USA Date Posted: Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Condition: Used in good condition Price: Contact us
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For Sale: Testing Rig - 500 HP - VFD, Suitable for Training Centers
Brand new, certified, complete VFD Land Rig, 500 HP, perfect for Training & Testing purposes. Includes a fully air conditioned 23 person classroom with a full view of the rig floor, as well as all conventional Rig systems to allow client's personnel to conduct training, demonstration & testing activities on various company products and services lines. Similar Training Rig models have been manufactured and installed in the Training & Education Centers of Major service companies in Dubai & Abu Dhabi (UAE) & Texas, USA. Our company, Techno Rig Group FZCO, is the Training Rig owner and can work with the client to set up a fully dedicated real life training facility on a turn-key basis (including well drilling, pad construction, Rig Up, and Rig Operation)....
Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Date Posted: Wednesday, July 7, 2021
Condition: New & Unused Price: Contact for Pricing
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For Sale: Three x 1200 HP Super Single Rigs for Sale (Direct from Owner)
Three (3) x 1200 HP Super Single Rigs, high level of automation, all commissioned and packed, ready to drill and excellent for Appraisal, Development, Workover, Re-entry projects. Each rig features a 500,000 lbs Hoisting capacity + Three (3) Triplex 1600 HP Mud Pumps per Rig + 250 Ton Venture Tech Power Swivel + Pipe handler/Roughneck combo able to handle Range 3 Single DP. These Rigs have been successfully drilling horizontal wells in West Texas and North America, and have a proven record of High performance & fast rig moves. Full Rig specifications and historical performance, safety, and maintenance records are available for review. Rigs’ Status: • These Rigs are available, commissioned, packed ready for shipment for Sale • All Rigs were commissioned in March 2020 Rig Documentation: All documents and paperwork available and can be presented upon request, including: • Rig Certification Certs & Final Commissioning Reports • Drilling Activity Reports, including Rig Performance Times, NPT, Rig Move times. • Rig Drawings • Ownership certificates (in the name of Techno Rig Group FZCO) • Equipment OEM Manuals o Note that all equipment OEM’s are still existing and operating today • Preventive Maintenance Records • Spare Parts Recommended List • Packing Load List, detailed. • And more upon request… Ownership: All Rigs and equipment are under the ownership of Techno Rig Group FZCO (Dubai, UAE). ...
Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Date Posted: Wednesday, June 30, 2021
Condition: Re-certified & Commissioned Price: Contact for Pricing
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For Sale: Land drilling Rig
Land Drilling Rig: Package consisting of: Houston Systems Drilling Rig CAT 3512 Diesel Gensets x 3 Canrig 1250AC Top Drive OIME Drawworks Drilling Line Skytop Mud Pumps Mud Tanks Axiom Shakers HDR Desilter Torque Machine Storage Racks Doghouse 40ft with Autodriller Software 5400ft Workshop This rig was manufactured in 2004 but has only been used for Tool Testing since 2005. Mast and Crown block are in need of re-certification but are in good condition. The drill pipe is all either new or recently inspected in good condition. S135 grade. Tank capacity is 800 barrels in total. The site had a new replacement Desilter installed recently. Axiom shaker was overhauled recently. Approximately 75-80 screens. Overhauled Centrifuge Contact us at ...
Location: USA Date Posted: Tuesday, June 8, 2021
Condition: Excellent Price: Contact us
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For Sale: 750 HP Cabot Trailer Type
750 HP Cabot Trailer Type. Powered with 2 caterpillar 3406 diesel engines with transmission Ellison 750 DR. Draw work Cabot Double Drum 750 HP Trailer Mast height 114 ft Hydraulic Telescoping Mast Mast hook load capacity 350,000 lbs Email to: ...
Location: Dubai, Jebel Ali Free Zone Date Posted: Friday, April 23, 2021
Condition: Used in Good Working Condition Price: upon request
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For Sale: 1500HP model 2550HL DC SCR electrical with Canrig 350HP Top Drive
Draw work: Cabot 2550 HL 1500 Hp Driven by EMD D79MB6 x 800 HP DC traction motors Auxillary brake: Baylor 6032 Top drive: Canrig 350 HP Depth rating: 15,000 ft Mast capacity: 735,000 lbs (334 tons) Hoisting capacity: 715,000 lbs (325 tons) Working pressure: 5000 psi SCR Unit: Ross Hill Mud pump: National 10P-130 (2 sets) Drillers Cabin Catwalk Crown block Travelling block Winches Rotary table Swivel National Type P-500 ton capacity Shale Shakers Rigtech VSM 100 (2 units) Desander Desilter Mud gas separator Choke Manifold ...
Location: UAE Date Posted: Thursday, March 4, 2021
Condition: Excellent Price: contact us
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For Sale: Fast Moving 1500 HP SCR Land drilling rig
Design: Union Industrielle & D'Enterprise Drilling Depth: 16,000 ft Mast: UIE K Style Single structure Height: 147 ft Hook Load: 750,000 Lbs Drawworks: National UE 110 Power Rating: 1500 HP Brake: Baylor 6032 Travelling Block: UIE 7 x 50' sheaves Gardner Denver 6 x 50" Top drive: 500 T Rotary Table: National C-375 Power system: Caterpillar 3512B x 4 sets BOP: Axon 13-5/8" 5000 psi Mud pumps: 2 x NOV 12-P-160 Mud tanks: Water 449 bbl Shale Shaker: 2 x NOV King Cobra De sander: 2 x 12" Brandt De Silter: 16 x 4" Brandt Degasser: MISWACO ...
Location: UAE Date Posted: Thursday, December 24, 2020
Condition: Excellent Price: Contact us
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For Sale: Oilwell E-2000 HP land drilling rig
Cat 4 certification to Mast and Sub 2019 to 2024. OILWELL E-2000 single drum draw works with Elmagco 7838 electric brake and (2) GE 752’s LEE C MOORE cantilever mast 142’ x 1,300,000 lbs SHL, 9 sheave crown grooved for 1 1/2” wireline LEE C MOORE swing-up substructure, 30’ floor height, 26’ clear height, 1,000,000# rotary capacity with 800,000 # setback capacity (2) OILWELL A-1700 PT triplex mud pump, rigged out with (2) GE 752’s ROSS HILL model 1400, 4 bay SCR (rebuilt) CANRIG 500 ton top drive with drive house OILWELL 500 ton block with BJ 5500 Dynaplex hook NATIONAL P-650 swivel OILWELL 27 1/2” rotary table KOOMEY 180 gal 7 station air and electric accumulator with remote CHOKE MANIFOLD 3x4 10,000K (3) CATERPILLAR D399TA’s each with KATO 1050 KW generators, cold start and wired (3) Mud tanks with stirrers, shakers, electric centrifugal pumps, de sander, de slilter, cyclone 10’ x 45’ pusher house air compressors, trip tank, Oil bin, catwalk, driller dog house, ODS dog house, mixing house, fuel tank, derrick stand, water tanks, suitcases, survey unit, storage house and many extra’s ...
Location: Texas Date Posted: Thursday, December 17, 2020
Condition: Excellent Price: Contact us
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For Sale: Kremco K-750-T Drilling Rig
Kremco K-750-T Drilling Rig DRAWWORKS KREMCO K-750 RIG 750 HP p/b 2 each CAT 3406 Engines 350hp, 130,000 lbs Single line pull, 1-1/8” EIPS Drilling Line, Tri-Services 22’ Single Hydromatic Auxiliary Brake MAST KREMCO Hydraulic Raise and Telescoping, 112ft Height, 330,000 lbs Hookload SUBSTRUCTURE KREMCO Parallelogram Style, Height: 18ft 350,000 lbs Casing Load, 280,000 lbs Setback Load TRAVELLING BLOCK/HOOK IDECO 300 Ton Block/Hook Combo IDECO 300 Ton Swivel, B.J 250 Ton x 108’ Links GARDNER DENVER RT 27-1/2” Rotary Table with Master Bushings MUD PUMPS NATIONAL Model 8-P-80 800HP Mud Pump p/b 2 each CAT D-3408 Belt Driven Engines S/N: 67U4216 MUD SYSTEM 997bbls Mud System, 5,000 psi 3 each Mud Mixers, Desander, Desilter POWER SYSTEM 2 each EM BEMAC II 300KW Generator p/b CAT 353 430HP Engines WAEHOUSES Container 20 ft. w/Rig Spares Container 20 ft. w/Rubber Parts, Hoses Container 20 ft. Workshop w/Tools PORT-CABINS Cabin 40 ft. Rig Manger TRAILERS & FORKLIFT Flatbed 2 Axle Trailer WABCO 5 Ton Forklift w/Forks and Bucket WATER TANKS, FUEL TANKS, MUD TANKS Portable Water Tank 28,000 litres on 2 Axle Trailer Water, Fuel Tank 40 ft. Long w/ Pumps Fuel Tank on Skidded 2,000 litres Mud Tank 45 ft. Long w/ 2 each Centrifugal Pumps, 2 each Mud Mixers Mud Tank 45 ft. Long w/ 2 each Mud Mixers, 2 each Shale Shakers, Desander Mud Tank 45 ft. Long w/2 each Mud Mixers, Pumps, Desilter (NOTE: All Mud tanks have Roofs, Walkways, Plumbing; Inside tanks have Dividers and Plumbing between the three tanks.) Email:
Location: Houston Date Posted: Thursday, August 27, 2020
Condition: Used Price: On Request
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IDECO H-725 DRILLING RIG DRAWWORKS IDECO H-725 RIG 725HP p/b CAT 3406 Engine, 130,000 lbs Single line pull, 1-1/8” EIPS Drilling Line, V-80 PARMAC Hydromatic Auxiliary Brake MAST IDECO KM 117-358 AH Kwik Lift, 117ft Height, 358,000 lbs Hookload SUBSTRUCTURE IDECO Telescoping, Height: 16ft, 320,000 lbs Casing Load, 200,000 lbs Setback Load TRAVELLING BLOCK/HOOK B.J. 250 Ton Block/Hook Combo IDECO 200 ton Swivel, B.J 250 Ton x 96’ Links IDECO LR 23-K Rotary Table with Master Bushings MUD PUMPS 2 each OILWELL A-600-PT 600 HP Mud Pump p/b 2 each CAT D-379 Diesel Engines, 1 each CAT D379 on Skidded Unit MUD SYSTEM 800 bbls Mud System, 3 each DFE SCR 1 Shale Shakers, 5,000 psi POWER SYSTEM 2 each BROWN BOVERI 350 HP Generators p/b CAT 3412 515HP Engines WAREHOUSES Container 20 ft. w/Rig Spares Container 20 ft. w/Hoses PORT-CABINS Cabin 40 ft. Rig Manger/Medic Cabin 40 ft. Work Shop/Electric Shop WATER TANKS, FUEL TANKS, MUD TANKS Portable Water Tank Skidded Fuel Tank Skidded 2500 litres Mud Tank 40 ft. Long w/ 2 each Pumps, 2 each Agitators Mud Tank 40 ft. Long w/2 each Agitators, Shale Shakers MISCELLANEOUS KOOMEY Type 80 7-Station Closing Unit with Triplex Pump Air, Pumps Remote Panel INGERSOL-RAND HU-4 Air Tugger Email:
Location: Houston Date Posted: Thursday, August 27, 2020
Condition: As is Where Is Price: On Request
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For Sale: National 110-UE SCR Drilling Rig
National 110-UE Drilling Rig DRAW WORKS National 110-UE, Drum Grooved for 1-3/8” Wire Line, Make Up and Break Out Cathead, LEE C. MOORE 7 X 60” Diameter Sheaves 1 x 60” Diameter Fast Line Crown; Complete with: GE-752 RIS 5GE752AR1B, Crown-O-Matic, Drillers Console, Elmagco 6023 Eddy Current Brake and Brake Cooling System MAST LEE C. MOORE, S/N T3768, 142 X 30 ft. Hook load 1200 klbs/at 12 lines, Complete with: Deadline Anchor, Monkey Board, Stabbing Board, Two Lines Stand Pipe, Bull Line for Rig up 2-7/8” diameter SUBSTRUCTURE LEE C. MOORE, Set back capacity 700 klb. Height to rotary beams 24 ft. Drill Floor Height 30 ft.; Complete with: Catwalk, 1 Set of Skidding Gear, Hydraulic jack up unit TRAVELLING BLOCK/HOOK IDECO – 525 Unitized Travelling/Hook Block 500 Ton IDECO – TRULINE TL – 500; NATIONAL OILWELL D-650 Swivel IDECO 275-K Rotary Table, IDECO 27-1/2” with independent drive percentage transmission; Complete with: GE Motor 752AR1S, OILWELL Transmission, Oil Pump with 2HP Motor POWER SYSTEM 3 Each CAT D399 Engines: S/N’s 35B5948 (15-0468), 35B5315 (15-0470), 35B/ (15-0067) 2 Each CAT D398 Engines: KATO Generators KW 800 w/ Heavy Duty Desert Radiator 2 Each CAT D399TA Engines: KATO Alternator KW 1030 volts 600 INTERGRATED POWER SYSTEMS 4-Bay SCR System complete with MCC Panel and Air Conditioning Unit MUD PUMPS 1 Each SKYTOP BREWSTER Model B-1300T 1300HP, Blower Motors 10HP, Supercharger Pump, Liner Cooling Pump, Lube Oil Gear Pump, HYDRIL Pulsation Dampener 20 gal 5000 psi, S/N: B137802 1 Each SKYTOP BREWSTER Model B-1300T 1300HP, Blower Motors 10HP, Supercharger Pump, Liner Cooling Pump, Lube Oil Gear Pump, HYDRIL Pulsation Dampener 20 gal 5000 psi, S/N: B13-7801 BOP System 2 Each Annulars: 1 Each MSP 2000/Size 20” F-378770, 1 Each HYDRIL 5000 PSI 1 Each Single Cameron 1 Each Double Cameron: 10,000 PSI 13-5/8” MUD SYSTEM Shaker Tank: Trip Tank 72bbls, Sand Trap 177bbls, Degasser Tank 108bbls, Desander Tank 101bbls, Equipped with: TRI-FLO SS14MT Shale Shaker, DRILCO Degasser, Poorboy Degasser, TRI-FLO Desander, 6 X 8 MISSION 100 HP Desander Pump, Trip Tank Pump Suction Tank: Mud Cleaner Tank 186bbls, Suction-1 425bbls, Suction-2 211bbls, Suction-3 220bbls, Slug Pit Equipped with: Agitator 10 HP, Agitator 5 HP, Pit Level Sensors, Desilter Pump Reserve Tank No. 1: Reserve A= 265bbls, Reserve B= 270bbls, Equipped with: Agitator 10HP, 5 X 6 MISSION 75 HP Centrifugal Pump, Pit Level Sensor Reserve Tank No. 2: Reserve A= 265bbls, Reserve B= 270bbls, Equipped with: Agitator 10HP, 5 X 6 MISSION 75 HP Centrifugal Pump, TRI-FLO Hopper Skid 6 X 8 MISSION 100 HP Centrifugal Pump Email:
Location: Houston Date Posted: Thursday, August 27, 2020
Condition: As Is Where Is Price: On Request
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For Sale: Dreco 4000 E Drilling rig
Dreco Single drum Draw works with (2) GE 2000 hp DC electric motors and (2) Dretech 8072 electric brakes NOV Brake heat exchanger Dreco Slingshot Derrick 156' x 40', 2,500,000 lb SHL Dreco self elevating slingshot substructure 2,500,000 lb SHL with 1,250,000 lb setback 40' floor Dreco 1250 ton 8 sheave block Dreco 1250 casing bicket Ross Hill 4 x 4 SCR house (rebuilt) (3) Continental Emsco FC 2200 triplex mu pumps with GE 752 traction motors. Pragma PM 4000 Hydraulic catwalk National 49 1/2" rotary table (certified) with transmission and GE 7522 (4) 500 bbl mud tanks with centrifugal pumps and fluid stirrers Derrick triple shaker Mud mixing house (2) desilter de gasser (3) 500 bbl water tanks 500 bbl fuel tank Top dog house ODS dog house Personnel Elevator Air compressor house with mud tank with gear Change house / tool room Koomey 480 gasl accumulator house Tool house Pragma T-120 Iron ruff neck 2" drilling line with spooler ...
Location: USA Date Posted: Thursday, August 22, 2019
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BHL BRAND NEW 2000HP x 1,300,000 lbs. HOOK LOAD LAND DRILLING RIG Mast: (New) Model: 147' x 1,300,000 lbs. Self-Elevating Racking Capacity: 25,000 ft. of 5" Triples Substructure: (New) Model: Self-Elevating Casing Capacity: 1,300,000 lbs. Setback Capacity: 800,000 lbs. Total Capacity: 2,100,000 lbs. Mast and Substructure NEW API 4F, 4th Edition Monogrammed and Certified Top Drive: 500 Ton Electric Rig Skidding System: (New) - Included. Drawworks: National 1320UE,2000HP (Refurbished) Drill Line: (New) 5,000 ft. Type 1-5/8" EIPS, IWRC Deadline Anchor: Hercules, Load Capacity on 14 lines 1,400,000 lbs. Traveling Assembly: (Refurbished) Block: 650 Ton; Hook: 650 Ton Rotary Equipment:(Refurbished): Rotary Table - 37 1/2" Mud System (3) 1600HP; 7500psi Active Tanks: 1500 BBLs (3 tanks) Reserve Tanks: 1000 BBLs (2 tanks) Tanks are supplied with Roofs to Keep Mud Dilution with RainWater. Generator Units: (Refurbished) (4) CAT Engines 3512 (Refurbished) (4) Generators Kato 6P6-3300 SCR House: (Refurbished) (4) Generator Modules x (5) SCR Bays Auxiliary Equipment & Storage (All New) Air compr Cold Compressor, Dog House, Change & Equipment Storage House, Fuel Tanks (2) total capacity 500BBLs), Water Tank (1) 500 BBLs with (2) 4 x 3 x 13 centrifugal pumps driven by 30hp electric motors Instrumentation, Control and Recording Equipment (New) BOP and Well Control Equipment (Refurbished) Preventor: 5,000 psi Annular; 10,000 psi Single Ram; 10,000 psi Double Ram; 10,000 psi Drill Spool; 1 - ea. Ram set, 13 3/8”, 9 5/8”, 7”, 6 5/8” (N) VBR 3 ½” to 5 ½” 1 - set Blind Rams (1) Set Riser & Bell Nipple Choke Line Valves & Kill Line Valves; Accumulator Unit; Choke Manifold; 10,000 psi Hydraulic Power Unit; BOP Handling System Mud Gas Separator: 48" Diameter x 20' High Stand Pipe Stand Pipe Manifold: Rated to 7500 psi to match Mud Pump Rating Headache Rack for Mast BHL International INc. ...
Location: Houston, Texas Date Posted: Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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For Sale: BHL NEW 1500HP AC x 750,000 lbs. HOOK LOAD LAND DRILLING RIG
BHL NEW 1500HP AC x 750,000 lbs. HOOK LOAD LAND DRILLING RIG MAST: (N) Model: 142’ x 750,000 lbs BHL Self-Elevating Mast Racking Capacity: 15,000 ft. of 5” ø (Triples) Mast is API 4F-0167 Monogrammed and Certified SUB STRUCTURE: (N) Model: BHL Self-Elevating Drill Floor Height: 30 ft. (32 Ft. with Skid Rails) Casing Capacity: 750,000 lbs. Setback Capacity: 450,000 lbs. Total Capacity: 1,200,000 lbs. Substructure is API 4F-0167 Monogrammed and Certified AC TOP DRIVE: 500 Ton (R) CAT WALK: 1 Piece, 18” H x 5’ W x 45’ Long (N) PIPE RACKS: 6 Pipe rack beams, 3 on each side of Catwalk (N) DRAWWORKS: (N) 1500HP AC DRILL LINE: (N) 5,000 ft. Type: 1 ¼” Ø RRL, EIPS, IWRC DEADLINE ANCHOR: (R) Hercules 12 lines; 750,000 lbs. DRILL LINE SPOOLER: (N) Electric Drive. 5,000 ft. of 1 ¼” Drill line TRAVELING ASSEMBLY: (R) 400 Ton ROTARY TABLE: (R) 37 ½” Square, 400 ton MUD SYSTEM: Mud Pumps: (2) 1600HP AC (R); Triplex 7500 psi Mud Tanks: 1000 BBL Total Capacity – 2 Tanks (N) Shaker Tank; 500 bbl, Equipped with Roof, (N) w/ Suction Tank; 500 bbl, equipped with a roof, (N) w/ Trip Tank: 75 bbl (Split into two compartments) (N) w/10 bbl strip tank (N) GENERATOR UNITS (R) Engines 3 Caterpillar 3512 (R) Generators 3 Kato 6P6-3300 (R) VFD HOUSE: (N) 3 x 4 System AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT & STORAGE: (N) Air Compressor (N), Air Receivers (N,) Air Dryer (N), Cold Start Compressor (N), One (1) Driller’s Control Cabin w/ Joystick Controls (N), Change & Equipment Storage House (N), Fuel Tanks (Total 500 BBLs) (N) , Water Tank (N), 500 BBLS INSTRUMENTATION, CONTROL & RECORDING EQUIPMENT (N) Driller’s Console, AOI Custom, Single Bay w/ (N), Top Drive Driller’s Control Panel (N), Analog Drilling Recorder- (N): 1 – ARG series 7 pen recorder, Advanced Drilling Monitoring System (ADMS) MISCELLANEOUS EQUIPMENT Choke Line Valves (N) 10,000 psi, Kill Line Valves: (N) 10,000 psi, Accumulator Unit and Control (N), Choke Manifold (N) 10,000, Mud Gas Separator, Hydraulic Cathead: N), Hydraulic Power Unit: (N), Air Hoists: (N), Derrickman's Assist Tugger (N) at Racking Board (N), Lift Assist Assembly, including Geronimo Seat and escape slide (N), Standpipe: (N) 7500 psi, Standpipe Manifold: (N) 7500 psi, BOP Handling System: (N), 50 Ton Capacity BOP Rails and Trolley and Hoist (N), Headache Rack for Mast (N) DRILLING FLOOR EQUIPMENT: (R) 2 x Slips: each Wooley XL type A, Elevators: x 2, Tongs: Wooley Super B Heavy-Duty, Dog Collars/Safety Clamps, Fresh Air Blowers (4) Units (N), Well Site Laboratory ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM: (N) RIG PROCESS PIPING SYSTEM: (N) CODE: (N) New (R) Refurbished BHL International Inc. ...
Location: Houston Date Posted: Friday, July 7, 2017
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