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Date Posted: December 09, 2021
Location:   Turkey
Price:   Available on request
Condition:   Brand New
Contact Name:   Engin Erkal
Phone:   00905325240665
Company:   PARS Drilling Solutions

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Petrotek Global is an international manufacturer of world standard (API Q1, 4F, 8C and 7K) Drilling rigs and Well Servicing . It specializes in the design, manufacture, repair & maintenance of mobile and land drilling rigs, rig ancillaries, (i.e. complete solid control systems, pressure control equipment, camp components), cementing and acidizing units, automated mixing systems and logging units. It also acts as a supplier of high-quality drilling -well servicing equipment and support fleets.
Petrotek has created its own tradition of effectively combining Turkish manufacturing advantages with foreign original components and a simple, straightforward design in order to create very cost effective, highly versatile and extremely reliable equipment.

The Hydraulic Catwalk is a system that takes drill pipes from the ground and raises them to the drill floor, automatically. This system is designed and manufactured in accordance with the American Petroleum Institute (API Spec Q1) quality management system.

The main functions are:
• Simple to use and extremely robust
• Innovative engineering and proven manufacturing techniques
• Maximum personnel safety
• Remote-controlled capability
• Modular system / compatible with almost every rig size
• Double cable carrier winch
• PLC controls
• Safety pins / Multiple safety and control features
• Single person operation

Product Name : Hydraulic Catwalk
Product Model : HC-2500-01
Tabular Length Maximum : 32 ft – Range 2 / 9,754mm – Range 2
Tabular OD Maximum : 13.375 in / 340 mm
Tabular Weight Maximum : 5,512 lbs / 2,500 kg
Cycle Time : 25 sec. carrier up (5”DP at 9 m sub-height)
Drill Floor Height Range : 16 ft to 36 ft / 5,000 mm to 11,000 mm
Catwalk Deck Height : 28.74 in / 730 mm
Working Dimensions : 28.74 in H X 334,646 in W X 1,082.68 in L / 730 mm H X 8,500 mm W X 27,500 mm L
Transport Dimensions : Main Skid: 78.74 in H X 78.74 in W X 551.18 in L / 2,000 mm H X 2,000 mm W X 14,000 mm L
HPU Slid: 103.15 in H X 29.06 in W X 142.91 in L / 2,620 mm H X 1,500 mm W X 3.630 mm L
Weight Total : 52,911 lbs / 24,000 kg
Standart HPU Drive System : Electric
Supply Power Required : 83 kVa / 120 A with 3x400 VAC / 50 Hz

DOUBLE CABLE CARRIER WINCH: Provides redundancy in the event of one of cable failure.
PLC CONTROLS: Enables multiple safety and control features.
WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL: It enables single person operation, keeping the operator away from the related hazards to ensure safe operation.
SAFETY PINS: Safety pins are used on the carrier to safely lift the drill pipe and prevent accidents.

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