Yanmar 6EY26LW new marine generator sets
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Date Posted: August 10, 2021
Location:   Asia
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Condition:   New
Contact Name:   Darshak Mehta
Phone:   00447816466923
Company:   Heeyas Ltd

Equipment Description:
Make: Yanmar
Model: 6EY26LW
Built year: 2015
Condition: Unused / New
Quantity: 3
Rated Output : 1,840kW / 2,502PS
Rated Revolution : 720 rpm
Number Of Cylinder : 6-in-Line
Bore x Stroke : 260 x 385 mm
Fuel Oil: Marine Diesel Oil ( Having 36~65 sec. as measured by Redwood Viscosimeter No.1 at Engine Inlet )
Starting System: Remote Starting / Manual Starting at Engine Side by Air Motor-Max Starting Air Pressure:30kg/cm2 )
Stopping System : Remote / Manual ( Engine Side ) & Auto Emergency Stop
Lube Oil Sump System: Common Bed Incorporated Sump
Cooling Water System: Fresh-Fresh Water 2-Line Mixing
Coupling Method Between Engine & Generator: Right Couple
Installation Type: Resilient Mounting
Class Inspection : ABS,AMS,DPS-2,FIFI-1

Specification for Engine 6EY26LW ( Tech Spec : MCR: 2,502PS ( 1,840kW ) x 720rpm.Type : Vertical,single acting,4-cycle,water cooled direct injection, turbo-charger diesel engine. Class : ABS,DP2,AMS,FIFI 1 )

Type: Vertical, Single Acting,4-Cycle, Water Cooled Direct Injection, Turbo-Charged Diesel Engine.

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