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Rigzone invites you to participate in the Rigzone Salary Survey. Simply complete the questionnaire below to help us gauge the compensation of upstream oil & gas industry professionals worldwide.

In return for sharing of your compensation information, we'll provide you with an emailed report customized to your job title, experience, education and region of the world.

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Then you need to be prepared to justify your desired compensation. You need to the proper tools and data to show your employer or potential employer just how much the market indicates that you should be making. You need a Personalized Compensation Report.

What's Included
With a Personalized Compensation Report from Rigzone, you'll have the information that you need to know exactly what your time is worth and be able to present that in a convincing, professional, two-page report. Each customized report provides:

  • detailed information on salary distributions
  • compensation trends for the last four years
  • further breakdowns of compensation by education level and company size
  • and a detailed list of similar candidates for comparison

Your Personalized Compensation Report is focused on your skills and background, as laid out in your Rigzone Resume/CV. View a sample report now.

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If you are ready to make the most of your time and your career, purchase a full compensation report today and be prepared to take advantage of the data to truly earn what you are worth.

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