How It Works

For Non-members and Occasional Rigzone Visitors:

  1. Search the job opening ads or use the Browse options to find jobs that match you qualifications and employment objectives.
  2. Look for an email address or phone number in the ad. Most of our featured employers will provide an email address or other method to apply offline.
  3. If the ad does not contain any contact information or a link that allows you to buy it, you will not be able to apply or contact the employer for this ad.
  4. Become a Rigzone member and post a resume, its free and we offer an anonymous resume display option, in case confidentiality is a requirement.
For Rigzone Members:

  1. Post your resume. If you are not already a Rigzone member you will be prompted to become one.
  2. After you have posted your resume, it will be sent to Rigzone for review. You donít have to wait- go ahead and apply for the job openings that interest you. These applications will auto send as soon as your resume is approved and activated.
  3. Within 2 business days your resume will be reviewed. It will then be activated, returned to you via email with editing instructions or filed in the inactive, pending file. Some resumes cannot be immediately activated. Recruiter and employer demand dictates the type of resumes we can display. In general if you have entered your data accurately and completely and you have some industry related skills or training, your resume will be displayed. As we add recruiters and employers with entry level or unskilled level requirements others will be activated.
  4. Apply to any of the jobs on Rigzone by clicking on the apply link at the bottom of the ad. Your resume is immediately emailed to the recruiter or employer who placed the job opening ad.
  5. Most potential employers will not respond to your application unless they are interested. If you entered a good mailing address, e-mail address and phone number, the employer will contact you directly if he is interested.
  6. Edit your resume to keep accurate contact information posted online or make changes to your resume.
  7. Employers and recruiters with subscriptions have full access to contact information for all resumes (unless you have selected the confidentiality feature).
  8. Some employers and recruiters who are paying subscribers will not post job openings. When they find a good candidate they will make direct contact. Keep your resume active - you can't catch anything without a line in the water.

If you have questions or comments click here to view typically asked questions. Send us an email at