Career Center Testimonials

The Rigzone Career Center has helped hundreds of employers find the right people for the right job. Our accolades are due to our extensive catalog of job positions, resumes, and our willingness to work with employers to find the best match for their needs. The following are unsolicited testaments to the high caliber of service provided by the Rigzone Career Center.

I believe is an excellent investment for our recruiting efforts moving forward. We have had significant success for our most critical openings from sourcing candidates through – just within 30 days. I recommended to be added to our primary posting list. Every candidate in your database not only has industry experience but niche discipline career paths as well, and most couldn’t be found anywhere else.
— Erika • KBR-Energy & Chemicals
"I really like the Rigzone website and think that out of all of the ones we have used in the past, that it is the easiest to use and has the best features. I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the industry!"
— Lynn • OPS Group
"I am a new recruiter to the oil and gas industry, and allowed me to present my client with the same caliber of candidates as someone who had recruited this industry for years. Thank you for all of your help."
— Ty • Volt Technical Resources
"I am very pleased with the service. I was initially concerned that we wouldn't get experienced applicants, but I am delighted to say we have already started employing people who have applied through Rigzone!"
— Pamela • Baker Hughes
The Rigzone site has to be the best site I have used for any search of energy professionals. Every candidate is a well-qualified professional. I do not worry about having to sift through pages of resumes that are not industry-related. This has made my job easier.
— Andy • Capital H Group
"We were successful in hiring one candidate and are still reviewing resumes for other openings. We will be back because you offer the most positive response for engineers and technicians."
— Laura • Chaparral Energy
"The ad has worked very well for us – almost too well, in fact. We have garnered more than enough resumes from which to cull candidates. I appreciate the service I've received from Rigzone and won't hesitate to use the site again as future needs arise."
— Peter • Changent Systems
"The response was very good. I was able to hire for the position I had open and intend to use Rigzone for future needs."
— Scott Field • Field Geo Services
No other recruitment site has placed as many qualified candidates at my fingertips. Using this site on a daily basis is the key. The ability to click on and submit key words takes about one minute. Reviewing the basic Rizone Resume allows for easy and concise points of interest, allowing a good recruiter to read between the lines. Our ratio of contacts vs. ability to hire vs. the candidates' real qualifications is outstanding and has been a positive tool. Recruiting solid, qualified personnel is the key to good service and repeat business, and using this tool is No. 1 for my company and our staff in the recruitment department.
— Reuben • Diversified Well Logging Inc.
"We have had a good experience with your site and have had good responses from the job postings. Thank you to your team, and I look forward to doing business with you again shortly."
— Louis • Gulf Holdings
"Our experience was wonderful; we loved it. We will definitely use Rigzone again for upcoming jobs we need to fill."
— Ryan • West Rock Geo
"I used the Job Posting facility for the first time and had a tremendous response! Rigzone is a real value for your money!"
— Mark • Proceanic
We are grateful for the service – recruiting is easier because of your existence.
— Hal • The REACH Group
"I found my safety director through the ad I placed in Rigzone. Thank you for talking me into 'giving it a try!'"
— Diane • Sontheimer Offshore
"We received a number of quality resumes as a result of the posting placed on your site, and I believe the site was instrumental in allowing us to locate what will most likely be the successful candidate for our search. Considering the success we had with Rigzone this time around, be assured that the next search we have will be posted to your site. "
— Andrew • Ray & Berndtson Ottawa
"We have, within an hour, located a mudlogger that meets our qualifications. We are going to be hiring several employees, and your website has already paid off for us."
— Lisabeth • Bilmar Mudlogging Services, LLC
Using your website for recruitment has been a really positive experience for us.
— Sheryl • Fugro
"Your service is helping Gulf to fill our open positions, and we are satisfied customers."
— Joe • Gulf Interstate Engineering
"The response has been great. I will definitely recommend using you guys to find good help."
— Brett • Petro Rentals, Inc.
"We had a lot of success with your site and will use it again whenever we have a need for candidates in the oil and gas industry."
— Christine • Griffin Personnel Group, Inc.
Thank you for the phenomenal recruitment success Rigzone has enabled us to have this year. In Houston, we only have one senior position yet to fill – all the rest, and several senior-level and project engineers, have been filled through your website.
— Sharn • DeepSea Engineering & Management Ltd
"I do highly appreciate the professionalism of Rigzone, and your website is always a supportive tool to our recruitment initiatives."
— Zahra • Smith International
"The CVs that we have received so far are of great interest to us. You were right to have such confidence in your site."
— Candice • COBUS GROUP
"Thanks for your good service. You have a great website. Through Rigzone, we have succeeded in finding a couple of good candidates who have already started working with us."
— Susannah • Dark Horse Oil & Gas
We have received OVERWHELMING response from our job advertisement. Dozens of resumes that came through allowed us to interview a number of suitably qualified candidates. We appreciated having the opportunity to update and adjust our advertisement in order to maximize qualified responses. Rigzone is an excellent website, and the job advertisement service reaches the people we want. Thank you for a great service!
— Marina • Essis Ltd.
"The response was overwhelming ... definitely more bang for your buck than a newspaper ad!"
— Jackie • Flow Chem
"I was able to find plenty of resumes and filled one slot for a possible year-long contract. Therefore, that job will pay for the subscription fee for that month!"
— Tom • Ocean Rig Constructors, Inc.

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