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Mar 19 - May 31
Applied Reservoir Engineering: VIRTUAL
The Applied Reservoir Engineering Blended Program represents the core of the PetroSkills’ reservoir engineering program and the foundation for all future studies in this subject. Numerous engineering practices are covered, ranging from fluid and rock properties to simulation and field development planning,
Mar 19 - May 31
Basic Reservoir Engineering: BR VIRTUAL
The Basic Reservoir Engineering Blended Program is designed to help the participants develop a complete understanding of the characteristics of oil and gas reservoirs, from fluid and rock characteristics through reservoir definition, delineation, classification, development, and production. Delivered virtually.
Apr 30 - May 3
Marine Coating Technology
NACE Training Center, Houston, US
Learn the most common types of ships, corrosion types affecting the ships’ areas, types of coatings and linings that are effective in the marine environment, the shipbuilding process, the surface preparation, application and inspection techniques, the IMO PSPC for ballast and cargo tanks and voids.
May 6 - May 11
Coating Inspector Program (CIP) Level 1
NACE Training Center, Houston, US
Learn the technical and practical fundamentals of coating inspection work. Students will be prepared to perform basic coating inspections using non-destructive techniques and instrumentation. This course provides students with knowledge and application of coating materials, along with techniques for surface preparation.
May 6 - May 11
CP3 - Cathodic Protection Technologist
NACE Training Center, Houston, US
Build on the technology presented in the CP2 course with a strong focus on interpretation of CP Data, trouble shooting and migration of problems that arise in both galvanic and impressed current systems, including design calculations for these systems.
May 7 - May 11
CP2 - Cathodic Protection Technician
NACE Training Center, Houston, US
Get intermediate-level training in both theoretical knowledge and practical techniques for testing and evaluating data to determine the effectiveness of both galvanic and impressed current CP systems and to gather design data.
May 14 - May 18
CP1 - Cathodic Protection Tester
NACE Training Center, Houston, US
Learn both theoretical knowledge and practical techniques for testing and evaluating data to determine the effectiveness of both galvanic and impressed current CP systems and to gather design data.
May 14 - May 18
Basic Corrosion
NACE Training Center, Houston, US
Gain a basic but thorough review of causes of corrosion and the methods by which corrosion is identified, monitored, and controlled. Active participation is encouraged through hands-on experiments, case studies, and open discussion format.
May 14 - May 19
Coating Inspector Program (CIP) Level 2
NACE Training Center, Houston, US
Focus on advanced inspection techniques and specialized application methods for both steel and non-steel substrates, including concrete using both nondestructive and destructive techniques. Surface prep, coating types, inspection criteria, lab testing, and failure modes for various coatings, including specialized coatings and linings are covered.
May 21 - May 25
Direct Assessment
NACE Training Center, Houston, US
Study internal, external, and stress corrosion cracking direct assessment, along with pre- and post-assessment, quality assurance, data analysis and integration, and remediation and mitigation. Learn the benefits and limitations of direct assessment, its relationship to an overall integrity assessment program and industry standards & regulations.
May 21 - May 25
In-Line Inspection
NACE Training Center, Houston, US
Cover the benefits of utilizing In-Line Inspection, selection of technologies related to operational parameters, operational issues, and evaluating data relevant to assessing fitness for service.

More Events
Mar 12 - Jul 12
Gas / LNG Contracts: Structures, Pricing & Negotiation
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This course has been designed to enable the professionals in the gas sector and gas advisory services to make right sourcing decision, construct gas/LNG contracts and negotiate from a position of strength and knowledge in order to gain a competitive edge in the process.
May 8 - May 10
Well Test Interpretation
Training Facility , Calgary, AB, Canada
This course examines the fundamentals of well test interpretation for oil and gas wells. It covers the analysis of tests in vertical and horizontal wells: drillstem tests, wireline formation tests, flow/build-up tests, injection/fall-off tests interference/pulse test. Determination of permeability and damage, estimation of stabilized flow rates from short tests, detection of boundaries etc.
May 14 - May 18
Unconventional Resource Assessment and Valuation
Tillyard Conference Room, Calgary, AB, Canada
This course is focused on effective business decision making in Unconventional Reservoirs.
May 15 - May 17
ENTELEC 2018 Spring Conference & Expo
G.R. Brown Conv Center, Houston, US
ENTELEC is a user association focused on communications and control technologies in the petroleum, pipeline, natural gas and electric utility sectors. The event features 30+ technical sessions, training programs, exhibits and networking covering SCADA, data analytics, communications and network technology, system architecture and regulatory and more
May 22 - May 24
Well Intervention Control Systems
Subsea Training Solutions, Houston, US
A three-day course providing a solid overview of intervention well control components and control systems, OEMs, Christmas Trees, ROV Tooling and a review of the applicable API Standards and Regulations in the oil and gas industry.
May 22
ISDA 101/202
Houston, TX, US
The course begins with a discussion of the ISDA after Obama’s Financial Reform Act. Next, there is a step by step review of the entire ISDA master agreement. The focus is: Understand, Use, and Negotiate the ISDA Master Agreement Schedule and the ISDA Credit Support Annex Paragraph 13 after Financial Reform.
May 30 - May 31
Data Driven Drilling & Production 2018 Conference
Hilton Houston Post Oak, Houston, US
From drilling optimization to predictive maintenance, from AI to IoT, the Data Driven Drilling & Production Conference 2018 is the only event you need to attend to find out the latest in advanced solutions for getting the most out of your assets. Where Oil & Gas and Silicon Valley meet - the #1 data focused oil & gas conference in the world.


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