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May 29 - Jun 22
Certificate in Subsea Engineering
This course explores all the major aspects of processes, technologies and systems involved in subsea oil and gas production, examining the building blocks of subsea engineering, including the key components, flow assurance, reliability and maintenance. 12-week online certificate | 6 modules
Jun 12 - Jul 6
Diploma in Surveying of Offshore Floating Units
Unique international surveying qualification for offshore floating units, over 12 months. Modules include: - Introduction to Offshore Surveying - Floating Offshore Units, MODU & Offshore Support Vessels - Classification & Regulatory Control of Offshore Units - Structural Arrangements & Loading of Offshore Floating Units - Case study
Jun 17 - Jun 21
Offshore Corrosion Assessment Training
NACE Training Center, Houston, US
Learn the elements of in-service inspection and maintenance planning for fixed offshore structures. Also covered are the Minerals Management Services (MMS) A-B-C facility evaluation grading system requirements for Level 1 Inspection Reporting.
Jun 18 - Jun 22
Shipboard Corrosion Assessment Training
NACE Training Center, Houston, US
Gain coatings and corrosion control knowledge for assessing the condition of tanks and other military ship structures, while determining the required actions to effectively maintain fully operational status. Naval assessors will learn practical guidelines for surveying and evaluating the condition of the protective coating system of US Navy vessels
Jun 18 - Jun 23
Coating Inspector Program (CIP) Level 1
NACE Training Center, Houston, US
Cover the technical and practical fundamentals of coating inspection work. Students will be prepared to perform basic coating inspections using non-destructive techniques and instrumentation. This course provides students with knowledge and application of coating materials, along with techniques for surface preparation.
Jun 18 - Jun 22
N157: An Introduction to Drilling and Wellsite Geology
Westchase District, Houston, US
With a blend of classroom lectures and practical exercises, this course provides an introduction to drilling technology. wellsite operations and wellsite formation evaluation techniques for those personnel either new to the industry or transferring to more operational roles. Highlighted and discussed topics additionally cover drill bit types and selection, wellsite geology roles and responsibilities, and wellsite services.
Jun 25 - Jun 28
Geology for Non-Geologists (4 Day)
City Center, Calgary, Canada
This popular 4 day course will provide non-geologists with a practical understanding of the principles used by geologists in the search for oil and gas. The sessions will include both the scientific background and the practical applications of geology. The tools, techniques, and vocabulary of the geologist will be emphasized throughout the course.
Jun 25 - Jun 29
CP2 - Cathodic Protection Technician
NACE Training Center, Houston, US
Get intermediate-level training in both theoretical knowledge and practical techniques for testing and evaluating data to determine the effectiveness of both galvanic and impressed current CP systems and to gather design data.

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Mar 12 - Jul 12
Gas / LNG Contracts: Structures, Pricing & Negotiation
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This course has been designed to enable the professionals in the gas sector and gas advisory services to make right sourcing decision, construct gas/LNG contracts and negotiate from a position of strength and knowledge in order to gain a competitive edge in the process.
Jun 18 - Jun 22
Evaluation of Canadian Oil and Gas Properties
Calgary, AB, Canada
This comprehensive course is an introduction or refresher for the techniques of evaluating Canadian oil and gas properties, but the techniques used in this course also apply to oil and gas properties elsewhere in the world. There is ample opportunity to work problems in class. By the end of this course, participants will be able to evaluate an oil and gas property and interpret evaluations done by others.
Jun 25 - Jun 29
Introduction to Petroleum Geophysics
68 Old Motorway, Atyrau, Kazakhstan
The course provides a mostly non-mathematical introduction to the fundamental principles and current practices of petroleum geophysics, and is suitable for management as well as non-technical and technical staff. Participants will learn ability to communicate intelligently with geophysicists at a basic, but practical level.
Jun 27 - Jun 29
Leadership in Oil & Gas
London, UK
3 Day Programme on Leadership skills for the energy industry. Ideal for those looking to make the transition from functional management to senior leadership. Engaging, interactive program delivered by highly experienced industry experts from Warren Business Consulting, to match their acclaimed 3 Day MBA in Oil & Gas. Next course London, June 2018.


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