Emerson Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves

Equipment Description

7 x Unused Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves c/w Hub Ends – actuated

16 x Unused Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves c/w Hub Ends

1 x Unused Control Valve.
Style; Ball.
Valve Size; 8in.
Pressure Rating; 1500psi
Connection type:flanged;
Body material: carbon steel;
Material specification: astm a350;
Seat material: tungsten carbide coated;
Seal material: viton;
Actuator type: double acting piston/pneumatic.

1 x Unused ball valve;
Type: trunion;
Valve size: 8 in;
Pressure rating:1500 lb
Connection type: hub 8in72;
Body material: low temp carbon steel;
Port type: full;
Material specification: astm a350 gr lf2/inc 625 wetted areas incl all hubs and seal faces, flange faces & rtj grooves;
Seal material: endura v91a;
Ball material: duplex a182 f51 + tcc;
Seat material: duplex a182 f51 + tcc;
Operator: actuator, pneumatic, double acting c/w control panel;
Configuration: integral 1/2in 1500 rtj drain and vent
Construction: inc 718 stem, inc x750 springs, firesafe, l7/gr7 s3 zinc coated bolting, control panel 316 piping, ex rated,leakage rate ‘c’.

5 x Unused Manual Ball Valve;
Type: trunnion;
Valve size: 6 in;
Pressure rating: 1500 lb;
Connection type: hub 6gr52;
Body material: a350 lf2;
Port type: full;
Seal material: viton;
Ball material: 316+tcc;
Seat material: 316+tcc;
Operator: gearbox;
Standard: nace;
Construction: stem: 17/4ph, inconel 625 overlay seat pockets and stem seal areas

All valves manufactured by Viar Valvole.

All Actuators manufactured by Emerson.

Test Certificates available with all valves.

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