Used National Model 3000-5L Quintuplex

Equipment Description

Used National Model 3000-5L Quintuplex Entire Skid/Building
Epping, North Dakota
Mfr Date 04-02-18
Max Speed - See Attached Spec Sheet
Plunger Size Ceramic 3.25
Serial Number 269278-2TL
5 Inch Stroke - See Attached Spec Sheet
HP - RPM - GPM and PSI - See Attached Spec Sheet
L Fluid End
Max Pressure 1650 on Fluid End
5 Cylinders
Integrated Dampener with Pop Off System (Good Quality Brass System)
Packaged on Skid with a Toshiba 300 HP Electric Motor (Serviced with New Bearings and Health Check-Up)
§ Pump 5200 pounds § Motor 3800 pounds
Suction Detail - See Attached Spec Sheet Discharge Detail - See Attached Spec Sheet

Overall Building Skid Dimensions: 9 Feet Across by 10 Feet Tall by 25 Feet Long:
§ Insulated and Wired Explosion Proof Configuration § C1D1 Heater
§ Charge Pump and Sump Pump Ready
§ Rooftop Hatch for Motor Removal
Pump and Motor Not Skidded Together (Pump and Motor Bolted Separately), 72 Inches from Guard to Max Width
Fully Reconditioned Pump by Flogistix, Torn Down Completely (Fluid and Power End) and Put In Needed Parts to Bring Pump Up To a Rebuilt Pump Status
Reinstalled on Location, Ran for Short Period to Satisfactory Results, Has Not Been Ran Since
SOLD AS-IS – VFD Not Included
Positive Displacement Pump Reciprocating Pump

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