Choke Manifold

Equipment Description

Choke manifold is new unused built in 2011.
Choke Manifold spec is API 6A / 16C Monogramed, PSL 3G, PR 1, Materiel class EE – 05, Temp class 0 Degree F to 300 degree F, H2S Service PER NACE MR – 01 – 75.

All Manual and Hydrualic valves are T3 NOV HPT type. Both Hydrualic choks are T3 NOV E –S type, Manual adjustable choke is CH2 T3 NOV.

Choke manifold 4-1/16’’ – 10k consisting with 2ea 3-1/16’’ -10k Hydrualic chokes, 1ea 3-1/16’’ -10K Manual adjustuble choke, 11ea 4-1/16’’ -10k Manual gate valves, 1ea 4-1/16’’ 10k manual and hydrualic gate valves connected with 4-1/16’’ – 10k spacer spool for the Gut line ,1ea Buffer chamber 7-1/16’’ – 10k c/w 2ea 7-1/16’’ 10k flanged end on both end connected with 7-1’16’’ -10k Target flanges, 4ea 4-1/16’’ – 10k flanged outlets in the up stream , 7ea 4-1/16’’ – 5k flanged outlets in sthe down stream. 5ea 4-1/16’’ – 5k manual gate valves and 4each 4-1/16’’ – 5k Hydrualic gate valves connected in the down stream. 1ea instrumentation blocks, 2ea flange adpaters 2-1/16’’ – 10k x 2’’ weco fig 1502 threaded half, Spacer spools , studded blocks, Double studded adapters and 1ea flanged pressure guage 2-1/16’’ -15k etc. 1ea Dual consol control panel consisting with Casing pressure guage, Drill pipe pressure guage, digital stroke counter, possition indicater guage and control valves c/w hosses.
The manifold installed with 2ea heavy duty oil field type elevating skid.

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