Unit OF-147: 2010 Forum 5-1/8 inch 10K Quad BOP with Enviro-Safe Dismantling System

Equipment Description

This quad BOP has a four ram configuration to provide positive protection against blowouts and to secure the well in emergencies. This permits work to be carried out, under pressure, on surface equipment while the tubing is still in the wellbore.

The Enviro-Safe Dismantling System allows for quick and easy ram access, without any hydraulic fluid loss. By removing the actuator capscrews the actuators can be functioned back and away from BOP body. Once the actuators are retracted the rams can be removed for inspection or servicing.

An additional attribute is the "internal plumbing" feature. Single point open and close ports permit operation of both hydraulic actuators for each set of rams. The requirement of harness hoses becomes redundant, thereby effectively reducing the number of hoses and connections.

The BOP is useable in both standard and sour environments.

Standard ram assembly configurations
Blind seal rams - top set of rams that serve to seal-off well pressure when no tubing is present
Shear rams - second set of rams that serve to shear the tubing
Slip rams - third set of rams that serve to hold the tubing in place while shearing or for other applications
Pipe seal rams - bottom set of rams that serve to seal around the tubing, thus isolating the wellbore pressure below the rams

Available with a ported type connection which can be used for downhole injection
Available with a variety of hand unions, flanged or client specified connections.

Optional ram configurations
Operated with any hydraulic source capable of providing 3000 psi. hydraulic pressure
Manual lock holds rams mechanically locked in closed position
Manual override available in case of hydraulic failure.

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