Reeler Winches for Umbilical, Subsea Work Over Riser, Misc. Equipment

Equipment Description

Subsea Production Mono Bore Riser, Stress Joints, FMC SpeedLoc Clamps SL 210, Hang Off Bushing, Umbilicals, Umbilical Reels, Guides, Baskets etc..:
- Riser, Well Testing and Production, 6-5/8" Monobore, FMC69 Connection, GrantPrideco. Listing ID: UL 06114
- Umbilical, Control, Subsea Tree, 11 hydraulic lines, - New Surplus. Listing ID: UL 06115
- Umbilical Winch, 1.5 Te SWL, Control Umbilical Reeler OD FMC / NIM. Listing ID: UL 06113
- Umbilical Winch, 1.5 Te, OTS/THRT Control Umbilical Reeler OD tba mm FMC / JDR Listing ID: UL 06405
- Hydraulic Winch, 1.5 Te SWL, Circulation Umbilical Reeler OD FMC / NIM. Listing ID: UL 06342
- Spooler Winch, air, 0.5 Te, Reel OD ca. 3600 mm - Lebus. Listing ID: UL 06116

Two of the winches have recently been refurbished.
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