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Bringing Well Control and Engineering Advances the Forefront.

As the leader in well control, Wild Well Control provides an innovative response with integrated engineering solutions to clients worldwide. With advanced modeling capabilities and an unconventional intervention approach, Wild Well provides expert emergency response, well control, engineering, and training solutions to meet the industry’s ever-changing needs.

Industry Leader in Well Control Solutions

It is the experience that Wild Well has gained over the last 45 years in business that has placed it as the undisputed market leader in well control services. Personnel resources, specialized well control equipment resources, diverse well control services, a high-level safety culture, and new technology all deliver unmatched support in Wild Well’s position as a global leader in well control. However, it is the experience of responding to hundreds of well control emergencies around the world that prepares and qualifies Wild Well as the market leader.

Well Control Response

On a global basis, Wild Well provides the most well control for emergency and unconventional response experience. Wild Well has equipment positioned around the world for a rapid response.

  • Emergency Well Control Services
  • Pressure Control Services
  • Hot Tapping
  • Cryogenic Freeze
  • Valve Drilling
  • WellContained Capping System

Well Control Engineering

Wild Well Control is best known for its emergency response to complicated and dynamic well control events. The resolution to a well control event can require a skill set that is out of the scope of normal drilling operations. Wild Well’s engineering staff can assist the client with the design and execution of remedial efforts required to return to normal drilling.

  • Emergency Well Control Response Support
  • Non-Emergency Well Control Engineering
  • Engineering Analysis & Modeling Services

Training the Industry

Wild Well training courses play a critical role in the development of a competent crew. A crew’s ability to respond quickly and successfully to a well control incident saves time, money, and, quite possibly, lives. Actively training the next generation of industry personnel, Wild Well issues 25% of all IADC certificates worldwide; no other company has trained this much of the industry.

  • Wild Well instructors teach class based upon the specifics of region and basin.
  • Courses focus on well control in lateral wells, the differences between horizontal and vertical.
  • Students will learn well control and how to think about well control. With that knowledge and skill, the student should be able to pass well control certification exam, but more importantly, will be able to apply the knowledge gained in the field.
Instructor Led Courses
  • IADC Drilling – Driller and Supervisor
  • IADC Oil & Gas Operator Representative (OGOR)
  • IADC Workover
  • IADC Subsea
  • IADC Introductory to Drilling Operations
  • Supervisor Pro Advanced Drilling (IADC)
  • Advanced Subsea Well Control
  • Crew Awareness Training
  • Accumulator Workshop
  • Air Drilling
  • Steam
  • Stuck Pipe
Online Courses
  • Introductory to Drilling Operations - available as and IADC certification or refresher course
  • Lost Circulation
  • Surging and Swabbing
  • Well Control Methods
  • Cementing Operations


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Website: wildwell.com

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Wild Well offers a full line of well control courses developed with a focus on adult-learning principles complemented with real-world case histories and simulations that challenge learners and elevate performance.

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