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CORTEC Fluid Control

The Standard in Non-Standard
Valve Production.

CORTEC is a manufacturing, design, sales and service organization specializing in flow control applications. We offer a line of equipment suited to a wide variety of uses, but excel in providing solutions designed and manufactured to precise project requirements.

CORTEC manufactures equipment to meet or exceed the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute Specification 6A and 16C. Additionally, CORTEC’s quality program is registered in accordance with ISO 9001 and API Q1.

CORTEC Quality Standards

More than just selling products, CORTEC pursues a long-term partnerships with our customers. Our service and support goals strive for complete operational satisfaction. Our experienced service personnel hold all necessary credentials and certifications for work in both onshore and offshore facilities. They can be scheduled in advance or quickly mobilized per operational needs.

As a manufacturer, CORTEC maintains a full inventory of replacement parts for all products. Our inventory is managed to support the needs of our customers with readily available spare parts.


CORTEC is setting industry standards with our field-adaptable choke designs. We manufacture a complete line of production chokes including our high performance cage and sleeve and needle and seat designs. These chokes can be easily field converted to a positive choke assembly. CORTEC also offers rotary disc choke models and related trim and replacement parts.

CORTEC’s Drilling/Extreme Service Chokes are designed to offer the oilfield operator increased service life and cost savings in high-pressure applications where substantial amounts of solids and abrasives are present. Our extreme service chokes are designed for harsher service environments like frac flowback, drilling, choke and kill, coil tubing, well control and snubbing.

CORTEC Services

The CORTEC line of compact valves are designed for a wide range of fluid control applications, providing users with a space-saving and lightweight design when compared to traditional ANSI and API class valves. Models available include Trunnion and Floating Ball Valves, Check Valves and Diverter Valves. CORTEC also offers a line of API 6AV1 rated ball valves suitable for Boarding Shutdown Valve service in the GOM.

CORTEC offers a full line of Pressure Relied Valves for mud pump applications. Hydraulic and Pneumatic designs are available to operate in MPD, Mud System Relief and Frac System Relief applications. Control panel designs are adaptable to suit a wide variety of operator desired functionality.

CORTEC can supply a variety of API flow line and piping accessories for almost any connection type in a full range of sizes, pressure classes and materials to suit and service any application.

The CORTEC team has vast experience in the design and manufacture of various types of valve manifold systems. From land-based drilling to offshore production, well testing and portable choke and kill, we can design and build to meet your needs.



CORTEC began as a family business in 2003 with a core group of experienced professionals, who wanted to propel the company to the top of the valve manufacturing industry by engineering and selling a product backed by superior quality and service.

CORTEC Engineering ExpertiseToday, CORTEC has locations in Houma and Port Allen, Louisiana, as well as a Houston-based sales team. We have an extensive reach into the global market, with an agent network actively supporting our customers' needs in strategic locations around the world.

The CORTEC team is passionate about making a great product, as well as building lifelong partnerships with our customers. Contact CORTEC to learn more today.


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Company: CORTEC

Address: 208 Equity Blvd.
Houma, LA 70360

(985) 223-1966

Fax: (985) 223-1936

Website: www.uscortec.com


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