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Company Overview: KMT International, Inc.

Company Information
KMT International, Inc.
39271 Mission Blvd. #101
fremont, CA 94539

Contact Information
Website: www.kmtinternational.com/english/
Phone: 1-510-713-1400
Executive Contact: Boris Melamed

KMT International, Inc. founded in 1999, is an engineering/manufacturing company headquartered in Fremont, California, USA. KMT International, Inc. focuses on providing the most environmentally friendly technologies, engineering, and equipment for a variety of industries and companies. KMT International, Inc. specializes in the following: § Sludge management (includes sludge removal, sludge processing) § Oil tank cleaning (including tankers washing, vessel cleaning) § Soil remediation (including contaminated soil treatment, oil spills treatment) § Water treatment (including cleaning from hydrocarbons) KMT International, Inc. works closely in the petroleum, transportation, metallurgical, and food industries in both domestic and international markets. KMT International, Inc. has worked closely with many of the biggest oil companies in the world, and has built up a tremendous level of trust and recognition in the industry. Companies dealing with crude oil production and processing have tremendous financial, environmental, and operational implications around the world.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: oil tank cleaning and sludge treatment
Ownership: Private