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Company Overview: JAMES WALKER OIL & GAS Co.

Company Information
16619 W. Hardy Road
16619 W. Hardy Road
Houston, TX 77060

Contact Information
Website: www.jameswalker.biz
Phone: 2818750002
Phone: 2818750188
Executive Contact: Nigel Page
HR Contact: Dan Katen
Sales Contact: Cersten Jantzon

James Walker Oil & Gas Co. core competencies are + Seal Design and Testing + Elastomer Compounding and Moulding + Thermoplastic Compounding and Moulding + Metallic Component Design and Manufacturing. Our 127 Years of technical experience in delivering High Performance Sealing Technologies spanning all sectors of the Oil & Gas industry, provides our customers with leading edge technology to solve their most demanding fluid handling and sealing applications. Our industry leading elastomer testing facility allows us to be at the leading edge of material (elastomer / thermoplastic / metallic) developments supporting all third party specifications, namely NORSOK M-710, SHELL DODEP 02-01B.03.02, and TOTAL GS PVV 142 03/01. This in turn provides confidence to our customers that their “sealed equipment” is suitable for use in global regions governed by these third party specifications. James Walker Oil & Gas Co. sealing products ensure that tool life, reliability (minimized MTBF) and measurement accuracy are optimized even under extreme operating conditions such as High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT), Explosive Decompression (E.D.) / Rapid Gas Decompression R.G.D.), severe chemical attack, low temperature, sand oils and sour gas environments. With James Walker Oil & Gas Co. as your partner bringing the best seal technology available in the industry, we support your equipments competitive advantage.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: High Performance Seal Technology
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 10