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Company Overview: Theta Enterprises

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Theta Enterprises
1211 West Imperial HWY
Brea, CA 92821

Contact Information
Website: www.theta-ent.com
Phone: (714)526-8878
Phone: (714)526-8875

Theta Enterprises Software is user friendly, accurate and gives fast results. See how the 5 step optimization approach for existing systems, can help you avoid equipment failure, reduce lifting costs, and maximize the profitability of your rod pumping system.

XDIAG is a futuristic tool for expert diagnostic analysis of existing rod pumping systems. The expert analysis report that XDIAG generates looks like it has been written by a human expert.
RODSTAR is state of the art expert predictive software. If you are tired of your trial and error rod pump design program and you want to use the most accurate, user friendly computer program available for system design, then RODSTAR is the program for you.
CBALANCE is the fastest, easiest and safest way to balance the pumping units. If you want to minimize the time and expense to balance the pumping unit and if you want to avoid having to measure the counterbalance effect then you need CBALANCE.
RODDIAG is a wave equation diagnostic computer program that uses exact pumping unit kinematics to perform a complete analysis of the rod pumping system, including calculation of the downhole pump dynamometer card.
X-SPOC is an expert field automation and data management software system. It combines the very latest technologies in real time client/server architecture with XDIAG for automatic rod pumping system analysis, and downhole pump card interpertation.
DYNOSTAR is an easy to use dynamometer card data acquisition program that works with the T1 dynamometer system. With DYNOSTAR you can easily record dynamometer cards, counterbalance effect, traveling and standing valve checks, amp plot and more.

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Ownership: Private