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Company Overview: Marine Shuttle Operations, Inc.

Company Information
Marine Shuttle Operations, Inc.
4410 Montrose Blvd.
Houston, TX 77006

Contact Information
Website: www.msoinc.com
Phone: 713-529-7498

Traditional methods for the installation and dismantling of platforms rely on powerful crane barges. However, since even the most powerful cranes have limited lifting capacities, this means that the platforms must be segmented underwater into many manageable pieces, a laborious and time consuming process.

A radical departure from such methods, the Offshore Shuttle functions by harnessing the buoyant force in water. This gives the Shuttle a lifting power far in excess of that of crane barges and allows it to lift, salvage or reinstall topsides and jackets in one single piece.

This makes Offshore Shuttle operations quicker, safer and more cost effective and represents potential savings of up to 40% on present costs for the oil companies.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Offshore structure transportation & lifting
Ownership: Public
Stock Ticker: ZSUB