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Company Overview: Acute Technological Services, Inc.

Company Information
Acute Technological Services, Inc.
11925 Brittmoore Park Dr.
Houston, TX 77041

Contact Information
Website: www.acutetechserv.com
Phone: (713) 983-9353
Phone: (713) 983-8482
Executive Contact: Tom Nevitt

Based in Houston, Texas, Acute Technological Services (ATS) is positioned to provide rapid response services to the demands of today’s energy industry for all onshore and offshore activities in the Gulf Coast Region and worldwide. ATS is a resource for technical innovation to which the energy industry’s engineering groups have turned to design solutions to fabrication challenges. Oil and natural gas exploration and production require the most exacting standards as the industry manages a challenge of enormous magnitude - exploring and producing new and existing fields in challenging subsea and inland environments. The solution to the challenges of global energy production is the efficient integration of existing and new technologies for exploration and production equipment engineered to withstand complex environments. Acute is an industry leader, advancing the science of welding engineering and generating technical innovations for the energy industry through the application of new technologies and proven scientific methods.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Consulting and Welding Services
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 85