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Company Overview: Gulf Publishing Company

Company Information
Gulf Publishing Company
2 Greenway Plaza, Suite 102
Houston, TX 77046

Contact Information
Website: www.gulfpub.com
Phone: (713) 529-4301

Gulf Publishing Company is the leading publisher to the oil and gas industry. Our specialized publications reach over 100,000 people involved in energy industries worldwide. Our magazines and catalogs help readers keep current with information important to their field and allow advertisers to reach their customers in all segments of petroleum operations. Gulf Publishing Company was founded in 1916 by Ray L. Dudley. He was a man with a vision who insisted on producing the highest quality technical editorial in all of his publications. To achieve this goal he reached into the industry itself. Today, more than half of Gulf Publishing Company's editorial staff have engineering degrees. The others are thoroughly trained and experienced business journalists and editors.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Oil & Gas Publishing Company
Ownership: Private