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Company Overview: Grey Matters International

Company Information
Grey Matters International
2504 B E. 21st Street
Tulsa, OK 74114

Contact Information
Website: www.greymattersintl.com
Phone: 918-949-1972
Phone: www.greymattersintl.com
Executive Contact: Dr. Kevin J. Fleming

Grey Matters International, Inc. (www.greymattersintl.com, www.drkevinfleming.com) is an innovative neuroleadership, peformance coaching and health/mental health consultancy firm working in hi tech ways to partner with geographically challenged operations to provide human factor solutions to remote populations worldwide. We are based in Tulsa, OK, Jackson Hole, WY and Dublin, Ireland. We have experience in working in leadership, training, mental health and health issues with employees, performance coaching, and safety & behavior change goals remotely with various cultures that are "hard to reach" w/traditional means both geographically and psychologically (ie, rural mental health work in oil fields in Wyoming with stellar results; health coaching with truck drivers worldwide for a 2:1 ROI on healthcare savings)

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Training/Development & Employee Counseling
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 20