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Company Overview: Bieri Swiss Hydraulics

Company Information
Bieri Swiss Hydraulics
c/o Voith Turbo Inc.
11221 Cutten Road
Houston, TX 77066

Contact Information
Website: www.bierihydraulics.com/
Phone: 281-453-5475
Phone: 281-453-5477
Sales Contact: Ryan Kelly

Voith Turbo manufactures drive systems, that efficiently drive and move machinery, on land and at sea, safely, reliably and comfortably propel vehicles, save energy and reduce emissions. As a leading specialist for power transmission and a solid, competent partner of customers all over the world, Voith Turbo is synonymous with fairness, innovative power and reliability in a wide variety of applications. We work enthusiastically at the development of state-of-the art drive and braking systems for industry, rail, road and marine: mechanical, hydrodynamic, electrical and electronic solutions.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Oil & Gas
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 10000