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Company Overview: Buoder Offshore Engineering

Company Information
Buoder Offshore Engineering
No.318, Quancheng Road, Jinan
Shandong, 255100

Contact Information
Website: www.buoder.com
Phone: +86-532-87793258
Phone: 86-532-87788178

Buoder is the professional manufacturer of offshore foam buoys, marine rubber fenders, floating Yokohama pneumatic rubber fenders, foam filled fenders, ship launching marine airbags. Our products service numerous activities in the marine, shipbuilding, offshore oil and gas industry. Buoder is experienced in and able to produce various types foam buoys for the surface and subsea buoyancy support. Our offshore foam buoys include the various shape/application mooring buoys, anchor pendant buoys, spherical buoys, general surface chain support buoys, distributed buoyancy modules, modular buoys, navigation buoys, pipe floater, and other buoyancy material used from offshore surface to subsea. Buoder marine airbags can be used for the ship launching, marine salvage, and heavy lifting. Our Buoder ship launching airbags are manufactured and tested comply with ISO 14409, certificated by third party. Buoder Marine Fendering System is our brand for the marine rubber fenders. Our marine fenders include the solid rubber fenders, floating marine rubber fenders, and tugboat rubber fenders. The floating marine fenders include the Yokohama type pneumatic rubber fenders, foam filled fenders. We make various solid rubber fenders and tugboat rubber fenders for different application. With a strong reputation for quality, Buoder is considered the first choice supplier by many key industry suppliers, contractor and end-users.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Marine Rubber Fenders, Offshore Buoys, Ship Launching Airbags, Pneumatic Rubber Fenders
Ownership: Private