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Company Overview: HydraTech Engineered Products, LLC

Company Information
HydraTech Engineered Products, LLC
10448 Chester Road
Cincinnati, OH 45215

Contact Information
Website: www.hydratechllc.com
Phone: 513-827-9169
Phone: 513-827-9171

HYDRATECH ENGINEERED PRODUCTS supports the rehabilitation of pipeline and infratructure through Engineered Services and Innovative Products. MARINE HYDRAWRAP- ABS Design Approved for repair of piping and bulkheads is a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer wrap which incorporates high performance epoxies and carbon fiber fabric into a ultra high strength composite repair system. HYDRATITE SEAL- Internal rubber seal system is a mechanical remediation for pipe joint repairs. HYDRAWRAP- a carbon fiber reinforced polymer that provides structural reinforcement in combination with a chemical and corrosion resistant repair. WATERLINE- An NSF/ANSI 61 certified epoxy coating that is approved for use in contact with potable water. POLYSPRAY - a 100% solids spary-applied polymer lining system that snap cures in seconds.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Engineer and Manufacture Pipeline and Infrastructure Repair Products
Ownership: Private