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Company Overview: Grupo Compas

Company Information
Grupo Compas
Apdo 24101
Barcelona, 08080

Contact Information
Website: valvestockist.com
Phone: +34934351672
Phone: +34935504076
Executive Contact: Ignacio Perez
HR Contact: Pedro Rodríguez
Sales Contact: Heather Smith
Investor Contact: Miriam Ruiz

Grupo Compas is a premier alloy valve stockist and distributor for gas and water applications. As a valve stockist, we keep duplex, super duplex, alloy 20, monel alloy 400, hastelloy, inconel alloy 600 and incoloy alloy 800 valves in stock, and can also offer them on short manufactuing lead times. We work with ANSI and DIN standards, in a wide range of sizes and pressure ratings, and stock premium brand valves, approved leading oil, gas and chemical companies. We supply end users and engineering firms, from the chemical, petrochemical, gas, nuclear, marine, construction and food markets.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Alloy valves from stock
Ownership: Private