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Company Overview: CORRPRO CANADA, INC.

Company Information
10848 - 214th Street
Edmonton, Alberta., T5S 2A7

Contact Information
Website: www.corrpro.ca
Phone: (780)447-4565
Phone: (780)447-3992
Executive Contact: Blair Stuparek
Sales Contact: Don Martineau

SERVICES - Corrosion Control Engineering, Cathodic/Anodic Design, AC Mitigation - Design & Modeling, Installation/Construction, CP Surveillance & Monitoring, Coating Evaluation Surveys, Rectifier & CP Training Courses, Internal Corrosion Engineering, Pipeline Integrity & Assessment, In-Line Inspections/Pig Tracking, Turnkey Inspection, Leak Detection, Coupon Retrieval & Analysis, Ultrasonic Inspections, Line Locating..... PRODUCTS - Impressed Current Anodes, Sacrificial Anodes, Corrpower Rectifiers, Coke Breeze Backfills, Junction Boxes, Pipeline Test Stations, Pipeline Marker Posts, CP Cable & Splice Kits, Thermite & Mechanical Bonds, Grounding Equipment, CP Instruments, Pipeline Shrink Sleeves, Pipeline Tapes & Primers, Insulation Kits & Unions End Seals & Casing Insulators, Reference Electrodes, Rohrback Cosasco Equipment, Corrosion Coupons and Probes, Low/High Pressure Access Fittings, Microcorâ„¢ Systems, Pipeline & Leak Locators..... APPLICATIONS - Pipelines, Well Casings, Above-Ground Storage Tanks, Underground Storage Tanks, Tank Bottoms, Clarifiers, Digesters, Heat Exchangers, Transit Systems, Bridges, Concrete Rebar Offshore Structures, Marine Vessels, Military Facilities..... INDUSTRIES - Oil & Gas, Water & Wastewater, Electric Power, Chemical Processing, Refineries, Pulp & Paper.....

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Corrosion Control, Cathodic/Anodic Protection, Coatings
Ownership: Public