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Company Overview: The Horlick Company

Company Information
The Horlick Company
91 Pacella Park Drive
Randolph, MA 02368

Contact Information
Website: www.horlick.com
Phone: 781-963-0090
Phone: 781-986-1540
Sales Contact: Shawn Hennessey

The Horlick Company, Inc., located in Randolph, MA, offers a complete line of highly engineered, top-quality motor-generator sets, diesel-generator sets, industrial control panels and power distribution enclosures. At this very moment, Horlick motor-generators and diesel-generators are providing a source of clean, reliable, uninterrupted electrical power to manufacturing facilities, military installations and data/information platforms worldwide. At the same time, our industrial control panels are running processes in industries such as semiconductor, pharmaceutical, HVAC, printing and publishing, packaging, chemical, medical and water and wastewater.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Diesel Powered Generators and Power Distribution Units
Ownership: Public