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Company Overview: Grand Isle Shipyards, Inc.

Company Information
Grand Isle Shipyards, Inc.
P.O. Box 820
Galliano, LA 70354

Contact Information
Website: www.gisy.com
Phone: 985 475 5238
Phone: 985 745 7014

Project Management, Design, Procurement, Fabrication, Installation, and Commissioning: • Project Management • Design and Drafting • Offshore Maintenance Crews • Onshore and Offshore Construction Crews • Offshore Upgrades, Revamps or Modifications • Offshore Demolition and Abandonment • ASME Coded Vessels • Onshore and Offshore ASME Coded Vessel Repair • Production Decks and Modules • Production Equipment Skid Packages Heaters Dehydrators Separator Skids Manifold Skids Sales Meter Skids Wet and Dry Oil Tank Skids Pipeline Pump Skids Pig Launchers and Receivers Electroelastic Oil Treaters Sump Tanks Quarters Modules Filter Skids • Structural Fabrication Decks and Deck Extensions Boat Landings Access Platforms, Walkways, and Handrails Stairs and Ladders • Process Piping Fabrication and Installation • Cement Barge Production Facilities • Dock Facilities & Operations

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Oilfield Construction
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 1250