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Company Overview: FuelTrax Marine Fuel Management

Company Information
FuelTrax Marine Fuel Management
15534 W. Hardy Road
Suite 195
Houston, TX 77060

Contact Information
Website: www.fueltrax.com
Phone: 281-209-3480
Phone: 281-209-3481
Executive Contact: Drew George
Sales Contact: Robert Blakeney

Introduced in 2006, FuelTrax connects to various flow meters, sensors, and operating devices to capture fuel transfers, report tank levels, monitor consumption, track engine condition, and show vessel location so fleet owners can optimize performance. Captains use the data to check throttle settings for more economical operation based on current conditions. Maintenance crews use actual engine run times or fuel usage to optimize maintenance schedules, decreasing costs and increasing vessel availability. Operations can examine fuel trends to compare routes, crews, and technologies and ultimately connect fuel consumption to the actual work performed by a vessel. Increase Management Transparency and Reporting Identify and Help Prevent Fuel Theft Identify and Alarm Out of Spec Fuel Improve Operational Performance Optimize Throttle Settings for Lower Fuel Usage Establish Vessel and Fleet-wide Key Performance Indicators

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Engineering Design and Manufacturing
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 7