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Company Overview: Piper Oilfield Products

Company Information
Piper Oilfield Products
901 W 12th St
STE 102
Erie, PA 16501

Contact Information
Website: www.piper-oilfield.com
Phone: 814-456-2201
Phone: 814-456-2214
Executive Contact: Adam Felix

Since 1979 Piper Oilfield Products has served the greater Oklahoma City area. Now with locations in Colorado, Wyoming as well as Pennsylvania rest assured there is a location that can serve your business. At Piper Oilfield Products we stock... * High Pressure Equipment(HIP)(Autoclave) * Swivels * Piper Ball Valves * Choke Valves & Parts * Gate Valves & Parts * Pressure Gauges (Vac-30,000psi) * Rubber Products * B7 Studs/Ring Gaskets/Flanges * Nipples/Bull plugs/Unions/Needle Valves * Wellhead Components * Kinzbach Relief Valve * Ram BOP Rubber/BIW Packers * Valve Lubricant (Chemola) * Torus Annular BOP/Packers * Type(K) BOP/Packers * MSI Plug Valves/Parts o 1502 Tee's/Crosses/Els/Adaptors

Quick Facts

Line of Business:
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 75